Why is cancer becoming an epidemic today if you look around we have more fancy hospitals we have doctors we have nutritionists we have gyms we have super foods we have supplements we have everything possible but yet when you look at the statistics of sickness we see that cancer is becoming more and more not just in India across the.

World but right now India is one of the leading countries when it comes to cancer and something has to change because the very fact is if we have so much for health care why are.

People getting cancer and why are people getting sicker and sicker so it’s so easy for us to believe because of what the media makes us believe that this pollution in the air no.

Doubt there is then milk is contaminated chicken is contaminated fruits and vegetables are contaminated all of that stuff water is unhygenic people who are fat people who are obese it’s bad for their health they have chances of getting diabetes and we keep.

Running from pillar to post reacting to the disease and today what we’ve done is we pull up data of over hundreds and hundreds of cancer patients over the last one year and we’ve looked for a commonality in the lifestyles of these people before they got cancer it’s very important that we invest in adventure in prevention today because once we get their disease many people heal but what if we didn’t get the disease what if it was possible to prevent the disease but you.

See there is no research and there is no funding to fund research that goes into prevention because there’s no money to be made in prevention there are no profits to be made in prevention at all like they say there’s no money in being healthy and there’s no money and being dead all the money isn’t being chronically ill and if you actually look at that today all the money isn’t being chronically ill and how many times you need to see.

Your nutritionist or your doctors or be admitted to hospitals or undergo all these new screening.

Processes that are so good at telling you what’s wrong in your body but there’s not no one telling you how to overcome everything besides just treating the symptoms so when we pulled up this data.

It’s unbelievable and we have data from across the world because we don’t just handle cancer patients across India we look at people in Europe from villages Mexico to Russia to the United States you name it and we have patients from.

All of these places including down under in Australia Thailand.

Vietnam and Taiwan and Japan as well but the beauty is when people love this data we would think at least I would think a couple of years ago that we would see cancer in patients who are obese we would see cancer in patients who have exposure to chemicals and who have poor lifestyle and who are drinking and smoking all the time and all of that stuff but you’ll be very very surprised at the commonalities that we have picked up when we look.

At the data of cancer today I have five commonalities and it will all make sense to you when you understand it today we’re just gonna discuss the commonalities and then we’re gonna break it down.

Over the next couple of videos because if we can perfect at ourselves at closing.


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