Hi cancer welcome to your harsh truth reading for November 2018 everything you need to know about this reading is in the description box below the High Priestess so this could be you or it could be Pisces because we got those moons there this is about connecting with your higher power listening going within and listening this is about mystery.

The unknown not knowing what’s gonna happen maybe subconscious issue issues are coming up but this is about this is kind of like the moon in that it’s just unclear however this could be a source of of intuition where the moon is about confusion this is about intuition and connecting to source nine of Pentacles reversed base.

Of rods reversed or want a sub cups nine of swords Justice Kingdom cups I will clarify where it makes sense to do so all right so we’ve got this could be Libra by the way so what you want to be true is that maybe the relationship is just stuck maybe someone’s being stubborn maybe we’re just at.

A holding pattern it’s not progressing because here’s a whole lot happening in.

The relationship it’s just what couples go through we’re just bored with each other or there’s not a lot of movement because of certain circumstances or someone’s just being stubborn or immature right this speaks to Titan nights typically are about.

Extremes and about timing for me so this speaks to any number of those situations that could be preventing a feeling of stability or.

Security in this relationship what you don’t want to be true is that there’s no there’s no longer any passion or interest for this relationship okay you’d rather just you’re kind of in.

A stuck holding period or it’s just things have gotten stale and you can spice it up you don’t want it to be that there’s nothing more for either of you and relationship what is true is that there is a love there awesome there’s a love day I don’t want clarify.

That I want jinx it cancer I think I’d want to mess it up cause it’s like oh and then there’s cheating no let’s just leave it alone it’s pretty clear what these are so I’m gonna leave those alone nine of swords what you want to happen why this is do is this conversations you want you want to.

Up with somebody are you or is this a cancer of Pisces you’re thinking about you broken up and you’re thinking I’m hoping this is temporary I hope they’re just being stubborn and then we’ve got this fear that hey wife there’s just no more love or interest or passion or you know we’re not exciting to each other anymore and but there’s.

A love there so why the anxiety what you want to happen why at this anxiety what do you wouldn’t let this is the nightmare card why oh okay alright so if you’ve broken up which.

I’m or you’re you’re just it is stale there’s not much excitement there’s not much moving you’re really worried about that either you’ve broken up with this.
On your mind you’re really hoping it’s just a situational thing.

Rather than it being and and it’s okay because it is there’s a love there but this is you being worried wondering about that not knowing what to do and you really want to do the right thing you.
Want your partner to do the right thing and you don’t.


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