I water signs well Pisces and cancer thank you for tuning in having a hard time stressful so my name is Adrian a channel is divine journey as you can see and this is the reading for Pisces and cancer because Scorpio has their own video up already like their birthday video and yeah that’s pretty much it so anything you.

Know about this reading or about the channel it will be in the description box so I’m gonna pull an overall or a card for the overall theme for.

Pisces and then I’m gonna pull three cards for you guys Pisces your overall theme is adventure maybe some of you guys need to take.
A vacation step out of the house for.

For a little bit have fun but it seems like it’s ease it you guys aren’t really having an issue with having fun like that’s something that you either that you just.

Or it’s just something that you’ve been doing for the.

Last few months like you just really been enjoying yourself and just been telling.

Everybody you know I’m not thinking about you I’m not worried about you I’m doing me and I feel like for this season this November harvest autumn coming into winter season I think you guys are being asked to kind of elevate that or to do more have more fun or have responsible fun.

I don’t know or planned out planned out fun meticulous fun try to do things with intention so if you’ve just been doing living kind of carefree being free as you motely usually are now I feel like somebody or something a situation is going to kind of get forced you to settle down a little bit more or.

To again be more meticulous and careful and intentional about the things that you do and the decisions that you make so yeah you could be somebody asks you to go to a party you’re.

Gonna say yes somebody asks you if you want to go out to eat you’re gonna say his if somebody asks you hey you want to smoke you say yes you wanna drink whatever it is you’ve just been a like a yes man a yes.

Woman for like pretty a long time some of you but now like the energy and it’s getting cold getting a little Cola particularly in the Western Hemisphere and the Western in.

Western society and now maybe you something you guys are feeling kind of weighed down by telling everybody yes like you’re.

Starting to feel the energy of the negative energy that comes with saying yes to everything or yes to everyone and again like you’ve kind of told yourself or somebody has told you you need to start having fun you need to start doing more you need to stop worrying about what other people have to say about you to worrying about what other people do etc etc and.

You’ve kind of started doing that but now it’s like almost as if you might have taken it a little too far maybe you’ve done too much or maybe you’ve let too much in so with.

Adventure so it’s I’m getting the feeling that you know you’re being asked to not just go out and.

Do something or go somewhere but actually plan a trip actually create an agenda for where you’re going to go on what you’re going to do and then you have for the ontero message yeah but that have def reverse page of SOI servers and they’re pro rivers and again I’m kind of getting this feeling of I mean death is a car.


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