Cancer affects almost every family and approximately 38% of women and men are diagnosed during their lifetime what would you do if a family member where you got cancer there’s a list of things that we can do whether it’s getting treatment undergoing surgery or not doing anything at all learning about how cancer affects person will help them feel understood.

And ensure that you support them undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation and it really affects one’s physical and mental health shameiess can kill cancer cells stop or.

Slow down the growth like the lessons chance of returning the physical side effects cause nausea hair loss fatigue headaches body aches and it’s difficult to cope with whenever your body’s changing when you’re going through these treatments the patient can feel depressed fearful or pedicle front and dr.

Actor and behavioral science professor says doctors and misinterpret patients psyche whole psychological disorder 35% of the time and the patient will feel Restless have thoughts of suicide my interests and their daily routines some ignore or refuse to seek mental health and need encouragement and know that it’s okay to feel that way this called.

Mental health we can lead to change in day to day routine for example waking up getting ready and going out to.

Eat depending on a person once a day starts they can feel hopeless and their body is physically drained my grandma says that positive attitude helps a lot even though it is not always easy to stay positive patients have to change their day to day routine to make time for themselves whether it’s going to support groups or talking to family members tips on adding exercise or motivation to help them feel better.

Physical changes to the body can be difficult but it’s step board and the patient’s progress if they just become more active and this leads me to my last point my grandma and family friends experience with cancer my girl was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2006 and she decided to go through four rounds of chemotherapy instead of radiation all going through this she says the most difficult challenge is to.

My hair because it felt like I was losing a part of me Phaethon.

Biggest things that helped her get through cancer and we’re going to cancer support groups all kind of big impact on my grandma’s life because it made life easier and they provided weights have siliceous and other necessities to make life easier a family friend has a non-hodgkins lymphoma he.

Says the hardest part of the day is waking up because I feel like I have no hope to get up anymore but the biggest thing to help him is to be near loved ones and people who support them.

In a concussion my can in conclusion you can have a big effect on one’s body physical and mental health cancer can cause one to lose hope but communication positivity encouragement can lead to a better fight against it remember that candy doesn’t just affect you but affects your family as well.


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