The problem we face as a nation is that where we have an enormous coastline for our size part of conservation is maintaining the natural order that we’ve inherited it’s a variety of different feelings that appear in our marina the is invasive species that obviously come in through ships and visiting yachts the fan worm is relatively new species it.

Is very easily transported by parts that haven’t been maintained properly use what you see if you if you swim up to one as you see a literally a some sort of fan wafting in the current but when you come up to it and disturb.

It it just retreats inside this to New Zealand has a unique ecosystem if.

You add another creature from somewhere else this society can be very much upset or disruptive now supervisor Ian came to us and he said look the scowling things terrible at cross on everything it grows on the peers it grows on the boys it grows on my damn boat so we sat down and we thought of a couple ways which we could stop the.

Growing and we’ve come up with one that actually uses some work we’ve developed.

Patron has an expert and high-voltage my PhD was an underwater electric fields and we try to combine these to inhibit the growth of species and water we’ve done an initial experiment up in opium arena in the Bay of Islands after 50 days the experiment in Opa.

Revealed that no growth was found on the active flights and substantial growth was found on the control plates so now we’re at the helpful boating club.

Here in Parnell and we’re putting our second experiment in the water and it’s gonna be in the water for about three months there was a way of clearing our pontoons.

Of it and and them remaining free of Mediterranean fan were we would be very.

Open to installing that type of system the end goal will be to tackle a problem which is international problem that affects a lot of people everywhere and make the earth a better place.


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