In the United States alone there will be an estimated 1 million seven hundred and thirty-five thousand three hundred and fifty new cancer cases diagnosed in 609 thousand six hundred and forty cancer deaths in 2018 more than three people and at least one cancer death each minute how horrible is that more and more scientists and biologists are discovering that.

Resonant frequencies can destroy cancer cells however only a few people know that resonant frequencies cured 16 terminally ill patients with various cancers back in 1934 the first 14 patients recovered in just 70 days in the.

Remaining two recovered three weeks later incredibly the patient’s only required to three-minute sessions per week to achieve total recovery this miracle trial used frequency equipment designed by dr. Royal Raymond rife of course the results aroused the attention of the entire medical community as a great scientist inventor in engineer.
Genius based on his previous work dr.
rife believed that microorganisms including bacteria viruses and parasites were at the root of all disease to prove his theory dr.

rife needed to observe these pathogens and they’re.

Living state during his experiments some of these pathogens are incredibly small particularly viruses no equipment existed at that time to view them directly as an outstanding mechanical engineer and microscopy expert dr.

Which could magnify 16,000 times better yet the superior magnification was equalled by its resolution dr. Ives microscope used monochromic light that caused the organism to fluoresce life could identify the virus he observed by the color they refracted a modern electron microscope can only view dead pathogens organisms are.

Killed with our prepared for viewing observing how organisms move and behave in real time provides valuable information because cell samples were still living while being observed the rife Universal microscope was vital for the research of frequency treatments for disease dr. rife knew that everything vibrates at its own natural frequency he believed that if he could discover the frequencies.
Of disease-causing microorganisms he.

Could destroy them with the same vibrational frequency in much the same way opera singers match the frequencies of wine glasses with their.

Voice and shatter them on the basis of this theory the 1934 medical trial proved that the rife machine was and still is an.
Effective cancer treatment system..


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