Well hello we got a little hot out there now we’re gonna continue reading the book by Charles Essen testing we’re on Chapter 1 if the compressed air tank be used instead of the billows the lower compartment may be utilized as a drawer by withdrawing and reversing it the other end of the drawer being finished and furnished with a.

Drawer for the front and then.

Be the front end then becomes the rear and and the opening is closed by a slide furnishing with.

All benches furnished with all benches under a filing block which is furnished with a bench near the left-hand end of the bench is a door or arranged with concave blocks cut out of the solid wood one of these concavities is elliptical in shape for gold plate wire.

Etc and five are circular in shape for different grades of gold solder or for other purposes the drawer also contains a slightly concave borax.

Block of marble seven eight inches thick and a groove block from which Russ brushes and small instruments may be readily taken this drawer can only be opened by the one who knows the location of a secret block below the gold ruler is a slide of zinc in a wooden frame for catching gold fillings this slide gradually slopes downward to the center which has a screen cap.

Removed from below size of bench height.

To the top of marble 36 inches size of marble top 16 by 34 inches the top of the bench represented by Figure 10 thank you is a marble ten-and-a-half 24 by 7/8 inches thick and overhangs the front so that the dentist may stand close without rubbing against the lower heart around.
The sides and back is a rail at the.

Back of the marble slab is an opening one in three quarters it and six by six inches which enters a metal shoe for carrying away waste plaster.

Etc through the bench back of the doors to a galvanized iron receptacle event beneath a receptacle.

Beneath this receptacle rests upon a shelf and can be drawn forward and now by two handles when its contents are to be disposed of the left upper drawers for rubber bowls and articulate errs beneath the upper.

Draw this shallow drawer arranged with compartments concave in shape for spatulas plaster knives etc the.

Arrangement of the compartments.

Being says that the various tools remain where placed at the right of the two doors already mentioned in the.

Tight drawer lime wood zinc force and molding rings ladles and all appliances used in casting the draw beneath the.
Upper drawers contains divisions for 18 impression.

Trains age 24 the mechanical laboratory the two lower compartments are v-shaped and hinged.

At the lower point one is for impression plaster and the other for cast plaster the center gravity of.

These drawers is such that they remain in either an open or closed position.

As placed this bench is for rubber work and is one of this of a set of three the two other being respectively for gold work and.

Plaster and Sandburg the higher part is surmounted by a marble slab sixteen and a half by fourteen and a half and three 7/8.

Inches thick and is the place where the vulcanizing should be done and where the vulcanizer should remain permanently beneath its lab are two drawers three inches deep for flasks.


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