Why cancer what is it about the cancer initiative that’s become so important to you everybody should be involved in this because just about everybody in this world either know somebody or have personal you know friends or family that have been influenced by cancer we want these patients to know that there’s people behind them do you remember it all.
The day back in 2015 at Whistling Straits when I.

Told you I had cancer when you hear somebody who you very much admire and respect.

Say something like that as anybody would react it’s kind of a shock to the system but also.

Knowing that golfer to golfer athlete to athlete there’s fight in us just almost looking at it as inevitable that you would fight through it the mission of MD Anderson and everybody associated with.

It is to end cancer can we do it yes I feel that the raising of awareness that MD Anderson is doing through the PGA Tour and how to prevent cancer from being significant in the first place is probably the best way to eliminate it altogether for us personally it’s about protecting your skin being having that be a.

Significant priority along with protecting your mind and body that that we normally have to do for golf well the mission to end cancer be part of the rest of Jordan Spieth’s life yes it’s a new pillar and my family foundation especially pediatric cancer just by being able to lend.
My name can help potentially make a.

Difference through raising funds or awareness or however it possibly can it’s been pretty remarkable what we’ve seen just.
Within the last year and we certainly want to keep doing that..


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