Made in Kern County he’s brought to you by hungry hunter it’s the place where patience in the fight of their lives find hope where specialized care meets the quest for a cure the vision of providing cancer patients state-of-the-art care in our backyard has forever changed how we battled the disease and it’s here for more than 30 years where.

The comprehensive blood and Cancer Center has been providing that hope to patients not only here in Kern County but all around the.

World Cancer Care as we know it forever changed with what’s happening inside this.
Building step inside comprehensive blood and Cancer Center and into dr.

Ravi Battelle’s mission to save lives it was more than.

30 years ago Patel and his wife both doctors practicing medicine in Chicago deciding they wanted to continue making a difference but in a place with warmer weather he actually thought that.

Of the cold weather we should move out to somewhere where the weather is good and I specialized in cancer and she was a cardiac anesthesiologists it’s a very specialized field that decision to uproot to Bakersfield.

Was the moment cancer treatment in our community forever changed the Patels quickly learning they could make a difference in a big way and when I came.

Into town very limited access to cacica for decades patients here having to travel to Los Angeles or the Bay Area to fight for their survival so in 1984 and with just four staff members in a small 1200 square foot. Patel opening his first treatment center patients access to cancer care rapidly changing and we needed more technology and more space more physicians more staff and most important slowly the trend to move out of town for cancer care was changing in 2008 Patel securing funding for a revolutionary tool in cancer ko pinning the.

CyberKnife Center CVCC home to the first and only robotic surgical system delivering unprecedented accuracy and precision for patients undergo radiation treatments the results of.

Small tumors in the line he’s just good just as good as doing surgery doctors and specialists at CBC see able.
To pinpoint a tumor and by using this.

Removed the cancer without affecting healthy areas around it most.

Patients are in and out within 45 minutes and with the system here in Kern County patients able to focus on their recovery rather than hours on the road seeking.

Treatment out of town Bakersfield one of a handful of cities using this technology in CBC C now the largest freestanding Cancer Center on the west capital and his staff at C BCC priding themselves on providing a holistic approach to cancer care where every detail and procedure is offered to patients in one place B C C’s lab able to.

Monitor a patient’s blood count in just minute saving precious time in the treatment process and their Imaging Center able to produce an MRI for.

A patient’s doctor to study and share with specialists the team of more than 350 staff specialists and.

Doctors dedicated to the mission of beating cancer in 2014 announcing a partnership with Dignity how to once again offer more options.

And experts in outsmarting cancer we love the people yet our staff loves the people here and then the most exciting thing is that we can really practice.

World-class medicine right here in the community in fact since the 90s C BCC has partnered with some of the most influential and consequential cancer treatment.

Trials in the world life-saving medicine and state-of-the-art procedures learned and given the green light with the help of local patients only are those clinical trials helping patients around the world more than a decade ago dr. Patel made a pledge to do the same in his home country of India establishing six identical C BCC treatment centers in underserved parts of the country just organically happened because the community.

Needed it we will you we had a lot of participation and support outsmarting cancer and caring for patients in Kern County and beyond dr.
Patel along with CBC C with its spirit.

Of human kindness compassion and the search to heal as many lives as possible beginning right here.


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