We a water sign how are you cancer pricey Scorpio I feel like this is not the right deck for me to use for you cancer Pisces Scorpio what’s going on all right here we go son when rising and Venus this is your November 10th reading a couple of announcements if you are in the Twin Flame journey and you.

Want to join the Sunday night tarot salon this week link is below we talked about twin flame energy what’s going on we also do pull cards for people and things Indy and I do that every Sunday night so the link is below it’s good fun and it’s really great conversation.

Last week was just amazing but the other one is the retreat we do a lot but that’s going to be a lot of clearing and manifesting and opening two guides and really a lot about this twin flame journey too that’s happening in Atlanta if you want to jump on with the early bird pricing.

That’s gonna end on Thanksgiving the link is below okay all right guys let’s see what’s going on for you water.

Sign one more please okay okay okay okay temperance I like that sach energy coming.
To your rescue they’re working on.

Bringing you together there could be a sedge Wow Wow water sign whoo and ending in a new beginning destiny oh my goodness Wow Wow fire sign.

I’d see a Gemini I see a Leo I see an Aries fire sign you’re on your way here Wow okay before I show you hold please and then there’s if I said yep you’ve manifested this okay this.

Could be a third party situation but it’s now – it’s gonna be – okay I haven’t done this with the rest cuz my nails are in such bad shape.

So let’s see king of Wands here somebody mature and then there’s the fool energy ready to take.

A leap ready to take action – of cups – a cups love you love you but really we got the fool and the world got that in.

The earth sign one to ending us and new beginnings right this person is your destiny world nine of cups wheel of.

Fortune look at this Empress lovers son seriously this person is your destiny and like I.

Said could be a fire sign here could be a fire sign so um endings.

And new beginnings this person has been manifesting you seven of.

Cups they’ve been confused a little bit about what’s been going on ace of Pentacles they’ve been offering this to you for a while passion and for a party situation before now.

It’s – okay you guys are because this Empress is a three right she’s also um there’s something here about pregnancy I.

Don’t say that very often you could have been in a third party.

Situation that resulted in a pregnancy for a small percentage of you okay and that’s gonna bring you guys together on the on this path destiny okay destiny you’re destined to be together that’s Jupiter coming back.

Into sad you’ve got the SADS here we got the sad going on king of Wands right fool ready to take a leap of faith this person is happy about this this is.

Something even if it happened by accident the person is happy about this um Sun energy here two of cups destiny with Jupiter their son Leo energy Gemini energy on Gemini energy lovers son making a decision you bet Wow manifesting this really manifesting this.
Moon three of swords if this was hidden before if.


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