Hello cancer this is your November forecast for no well for November from the 9th of November to the 30th of November 2018 so let’s see what we’ve got for you okay if you are a newcomer welcome if you are another viewer welcome back so let me put my glasses on I’m going to I’ve been drawn by the medieval.

Deck for what you’re reading okay and I will see where we go with this I feel after this I may use a guitar oh I’m not sure we’ll see how we go with these energies for you can’t.

So okay well I do get with you counsel you do want trance fancy in a certain situation now this could be with any kind of person that you care for in your life it could be it could be anybody could be family members I get close somebody close to you or it could be your partner or it could be a future partner so let’s have a.

Look here so you do want transparency you don’t want anybody to hide anything from you I guess I guess that you feel like.

Somebody is hiding something not telling you what’s going on behind the.

Scene thing up I get the lady now I do get the lady they may actually be a pregnancy on you news of a pregnancy either you are somebody else there’s a news of a pregnancy you totally want to be involved with this pregnancy I get that or you want something else to be involved you could be here who wants to be involved with this pregnancy I feel oh the hopes have been involved with this pregnant they are somebody being involved with this pregnancy.

It may not be a pregnancy okay but I get here are this frustration around this this transparency here and I get this a disconnection a disconnection it is to do with communicating though is a disconnection I get the.

Star card which is in Reverse there’s just disconnection from this person okay or somebody who does not.

Really want you to be involved or does not want to be involved here so there is a disconnection I get like I don’t feel listened to I don’t feel that you listen to me I don’t I I also get the way that you’re saying this is not helping you I feel this person will go back to somebody else and then go back to.

Somebody else and it goes down a line here are she said he said they said this and and I get the advice back is well maybe it’s.

Best if you keep your distance here not say anything to this person which is you okay cancer which is you so I feel this is you feel this is quite reckless and thoughtless reckless and thoughtless like that I get the Prince of Wands in Reverse which is reckless and thoughtless and heartless heartless you feel this it’s heartless breaking your heart but you you know you want to be involved with this.

This person to be involved with this I feel in the past in the in the recent past you have looked down this road here and you didn’t.

Anticipate this you look down this road and you you had your life planned out here and this road was going.

To take you to this destination that that kinda has not kind of transpired oh it.

Feels like this is not actually transpiring here you’re frustrated by this you feel like you’re being blocked here.
The Ace of Wands do you feel like you’re being below so now I.


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