Hey guys it’s me stormy and today we are gonna talk about the North node of destiny moving out of the energies of both Leo and Aquarian energy which we saw those access very much axes at work very much so over this last couple years and moving into the energies of both cancer and Capricorn respectively so this is a.
And I have to tell you guys like I was.

Really pumped and excited to get this video done and get it out weeks ago honestly because this is one of my favorite topics and something I think.
Has happened on a collective with this particular node energy.

So with this particular node entering into the sign of cancer I – and one of those people who quite intuitively without honestly trying with this one have channeled the energy of Princess Diana like everything has been Diana Diana Diana and it’s very much so an energy of coming home coming home so that is very much so a theme that I see.

As we’re gonna work with the node energy and while.

I do want this video to obviously tackle in that moon emotional mothering emotional security reaction kind of way to touch on a lot of the spirituality because this is a metaphysical practice right I also want to speak very practically about this as well so I’m gonna give you guys what has come through and what’s coming up for me as well now first and foremost the notes gonna enter into cancer on November 6th and it’s.

Gonna be there for about 18 months ok now what I personally love about the node placements especially the transiting ones is that wherever the node goes you will fulfill something that is your destiny in that particular house wherever it’s happening for you.

You will you know with some of the other transits the things that I have found in my practice is that like things can come up things can happen it can stimulate things but in every time that know takes a move I see myself and my clients and the people in my house they do they will fulfill whatever is going on in that housing energy so let’s talk through this just a little bit in case the nodes are actually kind of new to you or something like that so.

The transits of the nodes really do kind of show us not only on a a personal.
But a very collective energy what we need to tend to to.

Evolve our souls to grow our souls and to bring that energy of a soul energy out into the world it’s actually here to evolve but it has to develop in order for us to give.

It away and what we’re trying to develop our new attitudes actions and behaviors in certain areas of our lives right we’re trying to move towards.
These they’re uncomfortable in the beginning where is the South.

Our default energy it’s always been this way we’re comfortable with it we’re gonna just allow it to be this way because it’s naturally where we’re comfortable going but it doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing for us we can’t really fulfill a destiny through our South node energy now we need.

Them both but we’ve got to be moving.

Towards the energy of the North node if we’re going to evolve now where I think this actually becomes very.

Beautiful is that because it’s moving.


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