Hi cancers I’m 80 with cast arrow and I’m going to be doing your November mid months for 2018 okay thank you guys so much um thank you for the loving thank you for the comments thank you for the like shares and subscribe and just the support you guys I’m so humbled by you you guys came in second place.

For most viewers which is why your videos are coming out so early and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart I would not.

Be able to do what I do without you guys you know I can’t I can’t have audience of none but I prefer not to and you guys have proved to be some of the best you know people like.

I feel like the tribe that we’re building in the community that we’re building is just gonna be really strong and loving one and so I’m very very excited to be just be a part of this community right so without any further ado let’s get into oh sorry boom.

Forgot I am still doing the ten dollar three cards special through the end of November so please check out the description box for any information below don’t forget to Like share and subscribe remember.
That this is a general reading your judgment is going.

To be the best judgment pick what resonates with you and what does not resonate with you but understand that because this is such a broad reading I do not have any control over what.
Energies decide to come through so if it does not.

Resonate with you look at any other tarot readers you know on youtube there are some really great phenomenal ones all right and some of them which are still growing as I am right so just you know.

Be mindful if you want to find those messages um don’t get obsessed and lost you know not saying that but I am saying you know go after what alright cancer so without any further ado.

Let’s get into it all right okay and I just have to say this cancer I kept seeing the nine of cups as I was pre shuffling and so this is just wish fulfillment and I.

Really feel that way if you guys have been going through you know kind of um the dark days I do see a light at the end of a very long tunnel alright and just like wish fulfillment just being happy comfortable really loving yourself the people that are around enjoying food just like you know sensuality of.

Happiness right okay so I’m really sensing that which is a great energy so I want to point that out all right shuffle all right so.

We have pop-out is death this was also the heart of the Pisces reading okay but I just completed and we’re in Scorpio season so I’m absolutely not surprised to see this pop pop out a lot of us are completing cycles and entering a new.

One okay and so with this is a transformation metamorphosis and just turning it to something new and like I said in the last video November to me is my personal new year just because it is the cycle it is a time of death and rebirth Pluto is a planet of extremes okay so when it’s in.

Ruling it kind of pushes you to your limits in it and it forces you to look at what happened last year and what you’re moving towards this year okay.

So the death card a lot of us are in a period of transition okay but we’re on the end of a period of transition and we’re gonna see.


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