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General report November 19 through November 26 messages from your angels let’s get right into it cancer okay cancer cancer cancer what’s going on November 19 2018 through November 26 2008 teen positive energy pulling out positive energy pulling out positive energy okay what’s going on here cancer what is going on November 19 okay November 19th 2018 general read okay cancer give the.

World card inferred it with the queen of diamonds now I feel like something has come full circle and totally full circle and I don’t feel like I feel like what was isn’t any longer I feel like almost like upside down like things seem upside down east west north south everything seems upside down but wherever you start it from it’s like you’re right back there again now this isn’t like I.

Queen of diamonds this might be a little bit agitated to you but remember this queen of diamonds she’s about her business and she’s very successful so I feel like yes this.

Full circle is is agitating but somehow being on top of your game is a benefit.

Like even though things have totally turned around I do feel like financially you are still okay it’s a bit.

Agitating a little bit like an that like no but one of whatever it is that went full circle it’s like an at but you.

With meditation you can kind of get through it like before you speak take a deep breath before you say something think about it you know what I’m saying okay so in the past what brought you to this mall cancer you.

Have the nine of cups and reverse with the six of clubs so I feel like in the in the past there wasn’t a lot of love around you but with this card I feel like I feel like that love that was surrounding you I feel like it’s.

That you didn’t feel it anymore you didn’t feel anymore and with the six of clubs I feel like there was a lot of arguments there was either.

A lot of arguments or silent treatment arguments are silent treatment but nonetheless you feel like the love is gone like you feel like you felt like.

In the past the love was gone okay so in the middle of the week you have the you the nine of swords reversed with the seven apart so in the middle of the week I feel like like I feel like you’re sleeping better and definitely you’re feeling you’re sleeping better and you have the seven of hearts so the seven of hearts.

And you’re sleeping but I feel like you are just deciding to be emotionally not attached to the situation you’re deciding that you want a good night rest you are just like this is you this is you saying I’m.

Not going to be hurt anymore I’m gonna be non-attached and I’m gonna get my rest because once again things have come full circle by the end of the week we have the paraffin card with the ten of Hearts so by the end of the week I feel like you’re going to come to some resolve it might even be in some type of organization some kind of group setting some kind of church but with the ten of hearts I just surround it by many people I see you surrounded by.

A lot of people that love you and adore you and I feel like these people are I’m not gonna say I feel like these people are very good people I feel like these people are very I’m not gonna say religious but they’re like upstanding people.

They they follow the rules yeah I just feel like these people that are surrounding you that love you and adore you I feel like it’s a different energy than what you’re used to I don’t know the word clean I feel like it’s it’s it’s like these people are different from what you are used to surrounding yourself with it’s like a whole new a whole new circle I.

Feel like you’re in a whole new circle cancer okay so let’s go back and recap in however this shows up in your life please comment below to let me know and that other people know as well how it showed up.

In their life so yeah I I feel like financially you’re you’re okay you’re definitely okay and you’re in charge of your finances all right you’re on the top of your game but there’s something in your life that has come full circle and wherever you started is where like let’s say let’s say you started a new.

Job and you you got promoted somehow the other maybe you end up in.

A situation or a position that you feel is not where you should be maybe you feel like you should be.

Higher up and you were given something and then it was taken away yeah I feel like and then with this seven of hearts maybe maybe there.

I’m just feeling like whatever whatever this is this world card something has come full circle and you know sometimes we wait for something in wait something we get it and then we.

Get it and then it feels like hey where did it go it’s kind of like that and you’re.

And it’s agitating no but this is more than where did it go okay so it feels like all of these people that were surrounding you this love that was surrounding.

You in the past was no more it’s gone and I feel like there could have been conversations about it I feel like there could have been an argument it could have been constant constant communication about the love being gone and in the middle I feel like you know you have the seven of hearts and you have this the nine.

Of swords reversed so it’s like in the past in the past you were arguing about the love being gone and you weren’t sleeping at night and now I feel like you are sleeping you are you are at a point where you are not attached to the situation you are in a good space you are spiritually sound and you are growing and at the end of the week.

I see you surrounded by so many people that love.

And adore you and these people they’re different they’re not I don’t I’m just picking up they’re different they’re not like what.


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