Hi my name is Christina Van Santen and I’m a 34 year old I am married with two boys a four year old and a six year old and I was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer I just had a bilateral mastectomy done about a month ago and have been doing reconstruction we started chemotherapy and about a week and.
Hair with that I was really sad about.

That prospect of those he might hear and so when I found out that a new party hair loss.

Me obviously I think it’s a really wonderful thing that you guys are willing to help people where are you going for an emotional time and you know now I the last thing I might have to worry about is my hair which is really really really awesome I have such a great experience with Leaphart hair loss I got to try on different wigs you know they.

Different types hair and you know I sat there in front of a mirror and I kind of played with a whole bunch of different styles and weights and when I found this one it was like I instantly fell in love with it I knew this was the one and the color was very similar to the my natural hair so it was like love at first sight so they you know further cut it and then highlighted it so that it.

Really is like a very good match and I’m really really really happy with everything that they’ve done what I really love about it is that has a very natural looking hair line I can part it and it looks like I have a scalp you know with a a more.

Inexpensive like you wouldn’t have that you would you would be able to tell that it was a wig so I can you know part my hair I can curl my hair I can take a shower with my wig on and the hair is very very very soft it’s like almost like they didn’t lose my hair and that’s what I think is really really awesome I would definitely recommend sweep or hair loss to anybody out there I just think that this place is you know they they look at.

Your needs and they and they fulfill all your needs you know you come in you know find a way just is perfect for you they cut it.

Exactly how you want it they color it exactly how you want it I mean me it’s like everything that you could want when you’re going through you know cancer treatments the last thing you want to worry about is is your.

Hair and that’s what I found here is is that I now have you know something that’s so close to my normal hair that and actually I think I actually like it better than my previous hair it’s.

Easier to maintain even though I take my wake up at night I sleep on it and you know my bald has.

And wake up in the morning and throw.

It back um it’s it’s so awesome I love it I would definitely recommend this place to anybody.


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