Hi cancer and welcome to your November 2018 reading cancer get away from me eight of Pentacles king of swords six of Pentacles force or three of Pentacles page of Wands nine of Pentacles ace of swords the chariot represents you guys and the king of cups okay guys so your overall here is the eight of Pentacles so there’s something.
You guys are working on whether it be.

Just work or a project or a relationship and you were just.

Um you were just hammering away at it okay you’re taking care of all the details you just your head down it’s like nose to the grindstone you guys are doing this up and you’re doing it right that’s just your main focus it’s working so hard on something and then you’ve got the king of swords so somebody somebody is being.

Extremely logical no time for emotions and this.

Could be you or this could be somebody else you’re dealing with it could be a really strict boss or someone who’s just being stubborn because they think they’re right in a relationship and then you have the six of Pentacles and this is about giving tank and finding balance so maybe you feel.

Like you’re giving too much from work or giving too much to work or you are in a relationship where somebody is giving more and somebody is maybe they’re taking advantage and taking too much and you’re trying to find a balance and maybe that balance is happening let’s clarify let’s find out okay so you’ve got a page of cops and the Emperor so somebody is making an offer here somebody.

Is wanting to see it their way wanting to control a situation so somebody is giving somebody is just going ahead and taking control and that’s why this balance is is needed maybe it’s difficult I just I just get the feeling that it’s it’s a difficult thing it’s difficult to find this balance not that it’s not found but.

That it’s complicated and then you have the four of swords so look you’re taking a rest and thinking about it you’re just sleeping.

On something you’re like well I fought hard for something but I’m gonna take a step back right now and.

Just let my mind rest on this because it’s just not a time for conflict at the moment and you’re working hard on this too you’re getting you could be getting recognition for something at work um you are making an effort to make things good and that is showing this could be you or someone else making the effort to but I feel like.

Trying to make this effort you want people to see hey I have been working on something so hard and it’s a really good thing and.

Come and see that you have the page of ones so this is something creative that’s starting someone could have a message for your idea of how to make things better or this is just you finding it and rolling with it and this is something you definitely should jump on right.

Away and not wait when you’ve got this great idea of how to make things work you will feel better if you do you could sit on it and rest on it more but this is a time one’s are about action this is a time to take.

Action and if you do you’re looking at the knight of Pentacles look at all the things you.

Created on your own this person here male or female energy this person doesn’t.


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