My name is Nancy I’m one of the registered nurses that work here at Chicago prostate center I have been here at Chicago prostate center for greater than 15 years and majority of our staff have been here as well for the majority of 15 years plus so it’s a great place we have a very low turnover we all believe.

Prostate center that is one of the reasons why we stay we have a wonderful leader a wonderful medical director who embraces prostate cancer and his.

Treatment and in turn we as well embrace that as well Chicago prostate center first and foremost we are.

Advocates of prostate cancer we’re advocates are maintaining the quality of life of prostate cancer patients whether you get radioactive seed implants external radiation removal prostatectomy whatever it is we want to make sure our patients are knowledgeable and educated as to what the.

Options are for prostate cancer and we all believe that in order to have an excellent recovery that you should be well informed and that is a personal choice of what treatment you choose ninety-eight percent cure rate you can’t really be bad so and what we do.

Make it seem very easy but it is a very intense thing that we do we are all very well versed in what we do and since we believe in what we do we will provide you with a great care we will make sure.

That your experience with us is contact human contact there is no automated system where you have to be prompted to push a button to get to a person you always speak with a person a lot of us have had experience with prostate cancer to the point where we have brought our own family members here to be treated with great success rates as.

Director being a cancer survivor so working here I can is a great thing to have a positive outcome with cancer like a family we all we all get along so well I mean why would you be somewhere for 1516 years if you didn’t like with the environment you’re at so and then it’s a beautiful facility and we’ve been here in this facility for over ten years and I was there when we were in another facility so I.

Mean we’ve been here through the thick and thin and we’re not going anywhere.


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