Hello cancer get a little closer here yeah I’m looking kind of well but anyway I’m doing little short snippets here for you guys once two minutes the phrase I’m getting for you guys is who’s calling now it is being given to me as like someone’s chasing you maybe I feel like it’s someone that you guys separated or left.

Behind and either they’re calling you or you’re wanting to reach out to them but anyway after I got that friends I shuffled and these are the cards that I got.

I got the fool and I got the eight of cups so someone took a leap of faith and left a situation and either you or them I think is you you feel like you’re good with it you’re fine this is stability and finances it’s also diamonds or things of value and I feel like let me take these off it’s a little bit to learn there are strong glasses but anyway I feel like this four of diamonds you are saying.

I’m good I’m cool with it I feel stable and leaving this situation and it definitely was that you felt like you.
Were taking a leap of faith and leaving whatever.

This is cancer so either you should expect a call from someone or either you’re leaving a situation and reaching out to someone else you may.

Be leaving someone or something and taking a leap of faith into something else and giving them a.

Call okay but either way there may be some surprise communication either coming toward you or from you to someone else and there’s a sense of stability about this whether you.

Feel good on your home or you feel good making a leap of faith toward them so I think there’s an element of surprise with this either for someone you’re dealing with or for you cancer and I hope that makes sense I’m gonna pull one more a tarot card here yeah you’re coming out of filling bound and stuck so I think for a lot of you this is you feeling like you’re leaving a situation that had your you feeling like this.

And you’re good so in that respect I would say someone maybe chasing you someone maybe about to reach out to you guys.

Okay let me know which way that goes and this is for the week of November 11 through 17 2018 for cancer all right guys make it a good week and take care Thanks.


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