Hi this is Tanya from love but at arrow back with monthly forecast for cancer for October 2018 how are you cancer now before I start your reading I just want to say that new there is a new look love order if any of you haven’t already seen it please go to my new website which is love Buddha tarot.

Calm there’s a lot of new things there as well so please let me.

Know if you like it and if anybody would like a personal reading with me please just click the link below as well and that will take you to my.

Book and I am gonna be pretty limited for most of October but there are still some spaces left and I am taking bookings for November as well so like.

I say if anybody wants a personal reading because these are just general readings you know I must need I must stress that like these are not all about your situation these are the energies that come through and the only way I.

Can look at your situation fully is to read for you okay so that’s it that’s business everywhere but please let me know about the website whether you like it because I absolutely love it so cancer I’m gonna go with what I’m picking up psychically for you first and I feel the first thing that was comin in here is I really.

Feel you’ve turned a corner okay this is it I mean we’ve had some crazy crazy energies over the last couple of months but it’s almost like they’ve pushed you.

In a different direction which is great okay but this month I feel that could be a little bit of maybe around the 25th or something like that more and more towards the end of the month I think there’s gonna be I feel something you might see on social media is gonna affect you okay now what.

I want to see you is but not everything people put on social media is true okay people hide behind this illusion.

And it’s always like you know I really hope that your life is as.

Good as you make it out to be on social media you know and this is a you know people crave the likes people crave their attention or whatever and I feel there is something put on and it’s to cause and effect rather than actual reality if that.

Makes sense so please remember that and you know don’t it’s like I say social media it’s by the time you’ve scrolled up it’s it’s guest it is news okay so.

Don’t get too honed in on it because I really feel this something that you’re gonna say that it’s quite.

Upsetting or it’s gonna it’s it’s gonna rile you in some way okay but I feel that could be the intent okay so like I said we’ve got to look at the intent with everything and and what I want to say here as well is that I.

Really feel you are in a good position okay you really are it’s almost like you’re looking at things with different eyes here as well and I’m getting that term that realized realize realize you know so it’s real eyes realize real lies okay so this this is coming in and for you I feel this month but it’s almost like you have this goal in sight you might have even started on the path and please don’t let anything take your vision.

Away from where you were going okay because this is it you’re you’re back you’re bigger you’re better you’re stronger okay and this is where you need to you need to stay it’s almost like.


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