Hi everyone this is Jeff enjoy super cool food reviews how are you today today I’m at Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wild Wings I’m training their new whole enchilada wings so they’re it’s ten dollars thirty nine cents and it comes with so wings are smothered in enchilada sauce green onions cheese and sour cream doesn’t look delish look at that.

Pretty cool but before I start I like y’all October is Breast Cancer so today we’re gonna give this whole enchilada wings a shot I got my napkins I’m ready to attack this thing so.

Let’s try this out so chicken and enchiladas it’s like chicken enchiladas but you know.

On a on a stick on a bony steak here this try this out yeah mmm well it’s use really good sour cream that it allows us it’s nice it’s not spicy which is good and it’s not hot either so everybody I gonna make it so nice and.

Homey you grab the lock wrong one the wrong can of enchilada sauce and it’s like the hot one like really hot this is like a very mild enchilada sauce it’s pretty good it’s like you know good Hank panic to.

Buffalo Wild Wings you’re thinking outside the box for doing like just get enchilada sauce well that’s pretty neat hmm pretty good the chickens moist it’s not dried out a little we needing these here a little we eating a little weenie duties here you like a little lesson 2 bucks a wing I thought was kind of a little steep for my for my you know how that was.

A little steep it’s only a bothered me about this whole thing but you can’t you know have you really gotta cheese and let’s try this here okay what a mess.

Okay so okay so it’s kind of hard to mess up twins and this is pretty good so when I buy these are gonna well I’m working for traditionalist but it’s a nice change of pace they’re not bad I wish maybe I would have had I could eat sausage almost too mild where I wish the enchilada sauce was more flavor to it so more of it I got traditional enchilada sauce and my little it’s a lot of time but you know it’s not bad the way it is I thought the price point was a little.

Sweet ten dollars and 35 cents but you know you can’t have it so I buy this again for me I just go to more I’m a traditional guy so yeah it’s okay I’d say give it a try you know see what you think about it I’m gonna scale one to ten I’m gonna give.

These like Connie Connie socks off so they’re good but it could have been better so I’m gonna give these a seven seven wings enchilada wing jeez.

So yeah ten dollars and thirty seven cents a little steep for my taste but and you only get five wings for that much ten dollars a little too much but anyways the Buffalo Wild Wings give a try.

Tell me what you think what your finger chicken wing flavors we’re in the comment section below you like the Buffalo you like I don’t know where they have that ranch and teriyaki tell me down below what’s your favorite flavor when it comes to you.

Chicken news anyways check out my tweets on my torching everything between please sure like to subscribe to Joe’s world tour head on over to Jake am crave TV check out Joe’s review of Panera Bread is a little we need easier.


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