High water signs welcome to Leonie Luna Tarot my name is Megan this is going to be your mini love reading for Friday the 26th of October please check out the daily habits here she feel about you reading that’s I’m also posting tonight to see how that kind of fits in with this you’re new to my channel thank you.

For checking me out please click Subscribe if it resonates or the thumbs up or just do both I would really appreciate it see what’s going on with you flies Friday water water water water we.

Have the knight of cups so this is about some kind of an offer coming in on Friday I feel like somebody’s gonna ask somebody to like hang out or like if they’re doing something if they’re going to X Y & Z place eight of cups with the six of Wands they’ve just walked away from something some of them are just gonna be a really good move because it’s the freakin weekend or somebody’s in a.

Good mood cuz it’s the weekend it was a really difficult.

Week they feel like they’ve accomplished something.

And their attitudes just really good with the eight of cups for some of them they’ve actually just been like purging something out or actually physically walking away from somebody or something so all that energy.

We have the six of swords here yes somebody’s definitely walked away from something that no longer serves them and they’re like complete attitude and mood has completely changed the tower when it happened it was like a big old thing okay I feel like this Energy’s probably from like a couple weeks ago or what the situation I’m talking about like they went through something dramatic in the last couple of weeks with the ace.

Of cups it made them realize a lot of things about what they’ve been doing with themselves emotionally nine of Pentacles and they’ve spent the last couple of weeks whoever this resonates.

More independent or realizing independence or just and this weekend something about this Friday they’re feeling really good they’re feeling really balanced we have the.

Wheel of Fortune with the Emperor they’re definitely and their confidence there in that like they feel like they got their swag.

Like this look at this Emperor like I can’t even do queen of Wands there they they’re seeing you as very action-oriented very passionate you’re somebody that they’re wanting to be around right now because you’re not causing any drama okay and then we have the eight.

Of swords with the five of swords so the five of swords is you not causing a drama this is.

Ours is crazy because it’s like all these sharp knives at this tooth which is like if you’ve had like tooth stuff like I have like that’s terrifying to me but.

It’s really about how like the smallest thing can be so freaking painful so this is somebody that was like stuck in something that was pretty painful.

And it might not have been shown to the outside world but now they’re coming out of that so this for some of you this could be your energy you know you’re feeling good you’ve released something and you’re ready to have a really fun weekend with your friends or somebody that you’re interested in we have the two of swords with the hair event you know there might have been some confusion around this.


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