Live from WPLG local 10 News starts right now good news report in the fight against cancer the latest numbers from the American Cancer Society showed death rates continue to go down in the US twenty two percent for men fourteen percent for women but those encouraging numbers don’t always tell the whole story in today’s healthcast we take a closer.

Look at how surviving cancer can leave some patients with new struggles you’re still going to the head and neck support surgery chemotherapy and radiation Dennis parvo went through all of it to treat his neck cancer after the treatment is done after six and a half weeks of radiation chemotherapy you think the.

Problems are over I could not eat I could not my throat hurts so bad he lost all sense of taste and with it 30 pounds people don’t realize what the effector after effects are some of the side effects of cancer treatment can be puzzling and difficult to deal with including memory loss difficulty with speech fatigue pain and weakness and problems with bladder or bowel control we are improving in our ability to cure cancer and.

That improvement is taking time there’s been a hard-fought battle but we’re relieving patients scarred leaving patients with side effects which can last a lifetime for that reason broward health has instituted a research protocol to.

Measure and document patient outcomes measuring 65 different areas of concern on a one-to-five scale and we can target areas for improvement and see what did we do better how.

Can we make our treatment better how can we can reach these long-term side effects dennis’s taste buds gradually did come back but he still has chronic dry mouth a condition he.

Realizes may never go away you get used to doing it it’s part of your daily routine and something nice to live with and helping cancer.

Survivors cope with life after treatment is one area the American Cancer Society is focusing on right now and you.

Can help them this Sunday come out to the shops of pembroke gardens and pembroke pines Relay for Life teams will be selling these these cute little purple.

Wristbands for 10 bucks it will get you all kinds of discounts at the stores and the great restaurants there all day long on Sunday and all the money raised helps in the fight against cancer I’ll be there selling these and I hope to see you there as well.


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