Hi everyone this reading is for my cancer and when Venus rising told her 25th to the 31st I get my cancer 2050 to 30 you guys any reading for a well and let’s start you cancer hairpin eat of swords orab swords he wants and two of ones so for some of you guys continuance there is something that you.

Have learned about the situation you’re dealing with right now it almost feel.

Like there are things that you probably have not realized before that you have learned or realized right now there are things that you have researched.

For some also it almost feel like you have you have become wiser about something that was you know just personally yourself you’re becoming more wiser you’re becoming more knowledgeable of things that.
You are trying like you know whatever your attention is focused right.

Now you are very knowledgeable and some some ways and for some of you first who have gone to school this is you of course for some maybe finishing their studies and which is good congratulations for that but it.

Almost feel like there’s a lot of things that you are dealing also right now there’s a lot of restrictions like to find out what that about is but you’re also wanting to find peace of mind right now within yourself or you’re going into yourself of course you want to be able to have clarity.

In certain situations like I said this talks about why sometimes you feel restricted on stings or dirt why how come there are things that you can’t do so you you you want to find clarity with that because the thing is you are almost in a way where you have.

So many things in your head also right now that you feel restricted but then somehow you feel like there’s so many things you want to do in your life you know so many direction you want to set forth to.

All right like I said for some if you are learning or researching or being wise knowledgeable about something that you’re dealing with if this is a personal relationship course I see a Taurus energy also here and Sagittarian but if there’s something you’re wanting to know it’s most likely that you want to speak to this person or you want to speak to.

This significant others of yours about what truly is going on because right now you’re in a crossroads you’re trying to make a decision to and you’re trying to make decision for the better for also.

Decision about yourself like which way to go what do I really want to do because as of now I’m learning exactly I’m I’m.
Figuring out the things I want to have.

Or to be in my life anything so you’re learning to and something that is not good for you something that is not working for you and also.

Learning about the suffering that you went through or the problems that you have gone through maybe these are part of the restrictions that.

You are attached to but you’re learning about the situation the things that have not been good to you or also the things over from the past you you are becoming more mature than how to handle it so it like I said you’re probably struck having a struggle with conflict you know could be with friends family or even like I said with your significant other because you feel like this is a never-ending battle also if.


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