Australian children who suffer high-risk brain cancer will soon receive the best treatment available anywhere in the world a multi-million dollar funding boost will pay for their DNA to be sequenced so their treatment is personalized christina casteless explains life has been pretty tough for two-year-old christian he went through five rounds of chemo only for his parents to be told.

His rare brain tumor was continuing to grow surgery wasn’t an option because it’s in an area that is inoperable yeah it wasn’t looking good but leading doctors from the zero childhood cancer program.

Kept him alive they ordered his DNA to be sequenced and discovered a unique genetic mutation scientists were then able to grow his tumor in a lab where they tested hundreds of drugs to find the best one to fight his cancer they called me in and said we found the cause of Christians tumor we know exactly what it is tests that would usually take nine months scientists can.

Now do in a day giving patients a personalized treatment plan within weeks today the life-saving program received a five million dollar funding boost all Australian children with high-risk brain cancer wherever they live in Australia and wherever they’re being treated will have access to the zero Childhood Cancer Program the extra funding from the federal government means all eight children’s hospitals will be part of the program helping around 200 children over.

The next three years a little girl whose parents lobbied for more help was remembered by the PM we’re doing this for every Australian child but in so many ways Dustin we’re doing it for Chloe Chloe Perry lost her battle to brain cancer but it wasn’t in vain and what we’ve done because of her is going to help so many people that yeah that is a pretty good feeling leaving behind a legacy me families are now.

Grateful for Christina Costello’s 10 Eyewitness News.



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