Hi my name is Maya Kelly and the field of work that I would like to go into in the future is industry there are a lot of reasons why I wanted to go into work as a dentist specifically an orthodontist but these are the three main ones one I literally couldn’t imagine doing anything else for my line of.
Work – I think going into dental school would be.

Something that would be very challenging and rewarding and three I really like the idea of.

Being able to give someone a beautiful smile that they could be happy the three types of nonverbal communication skills that I think that I will be in the future and was also listed helpful by dentistry iq.com would be facial behavior eye behavior and physical appearance the definitions of three these three nonverbal behaviors as.

Referenced by natural behavior and interpersonal as referenced by our textbook nonverbal behavior and interpersonal relations first facial.
Behavior is usually visible to most people when they are talking.

And for Milan work I thought the two most relevant ones that I can use with the masking and intensification masking is refreshing one facial expression and replacing it with another one and intensification is when you take your facial expression but you make it more present the next nonverbal content that is helpful is physical apparent so basically how I’m going to be dressing in front of my patient and also the type of.

Posture that I have in front of them and the last type.

Of knot for a concept that would be helpful would be AI behavior specifically a mutual gaze in which I’m actually looking at the person that I am talking how will I will use these nonverbal cazzo specifically in my field one.

For facial behavior for intensification trying to make a patient comfortable because in our field of work it’s all about.

Trying to make the patient most comfortable so intensification of my smile smiling deaf and extra warm to make them feel welcome or masking my facial expression for example if I see something wrong at a patient’s mouth I’m not going to throw my brows or make a worried face that’s not to worry them this a good nonverbal communication concept physical appearance I’m not going to go upgrade or go work on a patient.
And jeans and a tee shirts I’m going to be wearing.

My professional attire that’s appropriate for my job I’m going.

To be wearing scrubs and a mask.

And gloves also posture is important when it comes to physical appearance because with posture depending on how you do it like if I’m standing up straight head held back and makes me look confident and when I look confident it can make my patient.

Feel reassured and then I behavior if somebody is concerned about what’s going on it’s important to keep a mutual gaze with them while they are talking to you to make sure that they understand that.

You are in fact listening to them and.

What they are saying and hearing their concern and with that being said for the importance of and with that being said the importance of nonverbal communication in my fieldwork is to make people feel comfortable and confident and what I’m doing and the only areas.

Of improvement that I can think of personally for myself in one of the areas that I listed for facial behavior would be masking because I’m not that great about hiding how I feel and the improvement for the whole industry industry in general will be emphasizing how important nonverbal communication is to between a patient and their doctor in conclusion nonverbal communication is important in.

All Johnson and all social interactions but is it it is especially important in the healthcare profession because patients need to be able to convey to their doctor when they have a gazillion of discomfort sometimes.

Without be able to say anything specifically in my.


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