Good evening I’m Kathy where I CEO of infection prevention partners and I would like to welcome you to this evening symposium nanus onyx is your sponsor and host for this evening and the topic is ultrasound use and reprocessing and we’re going to do a couple of things we’re going to share a snapshot of current practice based on a.

Recent research study and we’re also going to launch a toolkit for infection preventionists on ultrasound probe reprocessing so we know that.

The ultrasound in our institutions over the last couple of decades has been nothing less than explosive volume is high and getting higher and it seems like every day there’s a new procedure or therapy that involves ultrasound use and so I can imagine that for an infection prevention is getting your arms around all the places words being performed in all the people.

Who are performing it and ensuring that your patients are not at risk could seem like a monumental task but help is on the way we have with us three experts this evening I’m.

Going to introduce them now and then we have a couple of housekeeping items after that so to my right is Rory buck Aegean I’m going to read these BIOS to you because our experts have such deep experience I don’t want to miss any of any of that detail so Roy packaging a system director of infection prevention at dis dignity health.

In San Francisco he currently serves on the California Department of Public Health H AI Advisory Committee partnership for quality care and hospital quality institute infection prevention workgroup and that’s the main arm for the California Hospital Association Roy.

Has partnered with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services by co-chairing focus groups for the reduction of C difficile and County and presenting in various venues his work has been cultivated by.

Being awarded the national recognition of heroes of infection prevention by APEC and 2013 and 2017 respectively twice Roy will discuss guidelines on ultrasound used in reprocessing and our recent research study an ultrasound-guided procedures some of which have led to two outbreaks the non-trivial challenges faced by the infection prevention community will also be explored in.

The results of the research hi everybody so full disclosure today in the morning and of course I forgot to take some medication for upper gastric pain so my stomach’s on fire but in front your point I was talking to a colleague.

Here tonight and I sat on the chair and the chair was wet so now I have a cool bottom and a fiery.

With it we’ll do it okay all right so well let’s start off with just you know giving you an overarching view of ultrasound in relation to us so.

We know managing ultrasound probes in relation infection prevention is a very challenging task it’s is really really challenging and because.

That a group of IP is historically about maybe a year plus ago came together to work and develop an IP toolkit that would assist admitting and mitigating those challenges all together so in this particular talk we’ll define some of these challenges but my colleague will go over the toolkit specifically after this section is over okay so briefly what is ultrasound we know ultrasound probes are heat sensitive reusable medical devices they are.

Used to visualize the anatomy in.

A very and a variety of procedures these probes could require low-level disinfection high level sterilization and it really depends on the contact site and and that’s key so just keep that in mind of where that probe is and that’ll lead you down the right path there are typically two types of categories.

Of ultrasound probes we have course endo cavity and we have the external surface probes and.

Various shapes and sizes okay on top of all that it is super complex and the reviews in height super complex is because ultrasound probes.

Are used by multiple people in multiple places and in multiple procedures so you.

Put all those variables together and you could see how complex this can get and we always refer back to the Spalding classification.

So you know obviously if we are scanning intact skin surface area then it is considered low-level.

Disinfect your non-critical if you’re using it and.

Have contact from mucous membranes then it is high lab disinfected semi critical and if it’s touching sterile tissue or their vascular system then it is considered critical and therefore sterilization would be required now CDC has addressed this in the past in which they do call out that if sterilization cannot be achieved that high of disinfection is appropriate as long.

As it is used with a sterile she’s okay so it’s a combo in lieu of sterilization in addition to all that Joint Commission released the safety alone in 2017 basically detailing how lucky we are.

Managing ultrasound probes and actually disinfecting them appropriately 74% of all immediate threats to life were from improper sterilization or how this infection of these particular devices and data showed non-compliance that has increased.
From 2009 to 2016 and it’s not that because.
9 it’s because we are more focused on them now so obviously some before could so you have and the more you’re gonna find it’s like peeling an onion so we also wanted to pull some real-life frontline.

Examples so this particular individual actually responded and posted to the a Oren website and we just zoomed in up on a particular piece in which this individual claimed that this past January they had Joint Commission they were cited on how they decontaminated.

The ultrasound probe utilized solely for a nerve block patients in the perioperative area now my understanding that there was a previous discussion I believe yesterday and I believe today about blocks and ultrasound probes but you.

Know again it all comes back to the contact.

Site and we’ll go into it a little bit further.

But basically Joint Commission told these folks that unless they.

Stopped all blocks because of what they were doing that they were going to get an immediate threat to life and that is their new term threat to life so.

Everyone’s like oh my god oh my god you know forget immediate jeopardy no no no threat to life more impact okay so this particular slide when I looked at it and the screen was 2 inches in front of me.


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