This video I’m going to be explaining the unit six cardiovascular fitness part two learning module so if you begin here at the course um you’re gonna slightly on slashes once the learning modules load you are going to be scrolling down to unit six part two once you click on a learning module here you’ll see this video link it’s.

Going to be posted here and the lesson plan so this week you are going to.

Be completing unit six cardiovascular fitness part two you will also complete at least five hours of exercise our objective for the week.

Is by the end of the week students will be able to define and list the benefits of aerobic exercise in an aerobic exercise explain the fit principles practice various types of cardiovascular exercises and demonstrate comprehension by completing.

The fitness log and the cardiovascular fitness quiz in blackboard so you are going to be reading this lesson plan and also the fitness log assignment you also will be watching the unit 6 cardiovascular fitness part 2 learning module video on the OLS you are.

Going to read through unit 3 which is cardiovascular fitness sections 3:01 3:02 and 3:03 so by the end of.

The week you should have completed in blackboard the cardiovascular fitness quiz by Monday at 9 a. you should have the fitness log submitted and also the learning module exit ticket remember please submit it as a URL as a text submission in blackboard so here you will.

See the learning objectives for the week the vocabulary.

Words what materials and resources that we will be using and our weekly plan so the weekly plan remembered gives you suggestions on what assignments that you should do each day of the week however as.
Long as you get the assignments in by the due date.

You are meeting that expectation so just a reminder complete the cardiovascular fitness quiz the fitness log and the learning module exit ticket also this week please make sure that you are signing up and attending your check-in meetings so the information page is available at the link the video is also available through that link and also the November signup sheet please remember to attend two meetings per month to check.

In on your progress of the course if you have any questions about this week’s assignments or anything in the course at all please feel free to stop by office hours send me an email to ask me your questions let’s have a great week.


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