Brian Pinto the chief ofcardiology at the Holy Family Hospital in Bandra we have started thisdepartment approximately 15 years back but I’ve been a practicinginterventional cardiologist for the past thirty years we started this departmentbecause of the fact that Holy Family was a major hospital in Bandra but did nothave a interventional cardiology unit now we do all.
Types of specializedprocedures in.

Lab and the stress testlab that we have in the cath lab we have been pioneers in actually two proceduresone is transradial procedures that we do from the hand in which case we do not gofrom the leg or the groin but we are able to do this procedure from the handmaking the patient go home in the same day within four to.

Six hours time and weare also experts for Angioplasty which means that we do Angioplastywith stenting.

And this is something which we started from the hand almost 15years back we’ve also been added two new machines to our departmentone is the IVUS which is the intravascular ultrasound and we alsohave the OCT these are two imaging modalities that enable us to see thecoronary arteries much better from within.

And these modalities are notavailable in many of the hospitals of mumbai in fact we are only the secondHospital in Mumbai to have the oct with angiographic co-registration we alsoperform a procedure called as the ffr are this is a fractional flow reserve inwhich we are able to find a pressure gradient.

Across any stenosis in whichway we reduce the number of procedures that.

Need to be done enough on a patientwe have a fully equipped CT scan department to do CT coronary angiographyas well so very often our patients just need todo a CT coronary angiography and then follow up with us we are actuallypioneers also in electrophysiology infact our doctors do a lot ofelectrophysiology work over here which include putting of pacemakers which alsoincludes doing RF ablation for.

Patients who have tachycardia and also puttingCRT and ICD devices which are used for patients who have got these extra whohave got actually heart failure and who sometimes need to have electrical shocksgiven.

To them so that their heart rhythm is restored we have been the Institutethat has started iCare iCare stands for care for everybody in the form of thosewho have.

Sudden cardiac death this happens very suddenly many times inyoung people who fall on the road unconscious they are not breathing andtheir heart has stopped in other words the heart has gone into a.

Rhythm whichis shockable now unless these patients are resuscitated and brought to thehospital quickly after they’ve been given a shock then only can you.

Saveabout 50% of them sadly in our country hardly 1% of these patients get savedbecause of a lack of education and because the fact that we have not putenough AED’s Holy Family along with icare has.

AED’s already in Bandra and we are aiming toput 50 in Bandra so that people can be saved and then they can be treated thisis a project which we intend to spread all over the cityand if possible give this information to the place all over the country these aresome.


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