Hi my name is Frances Tosca and today we’ll be talking about your healthy happy gut so when you think about bacteria you might think I need Clorox wipes I need hand sanitizer and I need to wash my hands because I don’t want anything to do with bacteria well I could understand why you think that way because we’ve been.

Raised to be sort of a verse or wary of bacteria and what that means and while there are some forms of bacteria that can make us sick we actually rely.

On bacteria to survive it’s very important that we have bacteria living and growing inside our bodies for a number of reasons so one of the reasons that bacteria matters is because ever gut microbiome now you may have heard of that term before or maybe you’ve.

Heard people say gut health and that might be somewhat confusing because it is sort of a buzzword at this point but when we talk about the gut microbiome we’re really referring to the environment inside of our bodies and more specifically our GI tract researchers have really started to explore how the gut.

Microbiome might affect a number of different things related to our health and more specifically our obesity so what that means for you is that if you are interested in trying to reduce your risk of.

Becoming obese or reduce your risk of taking on certain health problems such as type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease or high cholesterol your foods your foods can really affect the composition of your gut and.

Potentially reduce your risk of some of these harmful conditions so depending on what you eat you could end up.

Helping some of the more harmful bacteria flourish or some of the more beneficial bacteria grow and thrive so when choosing your foods I encourage you to choose fiber so you’ve probably heard about Fiverr before.

Probably more or less in the context of constipation or going to the bathroom and that’s all well and good and fiber actually can give you a variety of other benefits as.

Well so if you think about fiber you might most closely think of it as whole grains and whole grain bread and that’s accurate but we actually can find fiber not only ingredients but in fruits and vegetables and fiber has the potential to.

Help with flow across cholesterol relieving constipation and improving your gut health so there are different types of.

Fiber and today I’m going to tell you about a few of them so there are two overarching categories of fiber soluble versus insoluble and so when we use the.

Term soluble we’re referring to fiber that can be digested by the body and used for.

A variety of different reasons and this is the type of fiber that you’ll probably more closely think of when it’s about reducing cholesterol so you’ll find soluble.

Fiber is more closely associated with oats beans legumes and some vegetables and fruits now when we talk about insoluble fiber that’s the fiber that your body does not directly digest but instead utilizes to help sort of move things through the GI tract.

And this is a type of fiber that the bacteria can feed off of and thrive off of this sort.

Of fiber is found in grains from rice and vegetables among other things so our gut health has been shown to be markedly improved when we consume prebiotic fibers now you may have heard about probiotics and probiotics are supplements that you.

Can consume sometimes in a pill form or other times in yogurt and that’s actually live bacteria that is beneficial to you that you can consume and have grow and thrive in your body prebiotic is not the same thing so prebiotic is actually just food compounds that seem to improve the composition of your gut microbiota so some examples of these foods include artichokes onions raspberries bananas beans asparagus and garlic so these are different types of foods that I highly encourage that you try to consume or experiment with in.

The kitchen while cooking because they really can benefit you in so many ways and as I mentioned earlier researchers are really thinking that this type of fiber will help a lot with improving.

Your gut health and so there are so.

Many different benefits to that thank you..


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