Hi my name is Marshall krevske and I’m an orthopedic surgeon at a merged ortho I was fortunate to receive training from physicians at Columbia University who helped take care of the New York Yankees during my time in Charlotte during my orthopedic residency had the opportunity to work with team physicians for the Carolina Panthers I had the greatest exposure.

To Tommy John injuries and treating.

Overhead throwing athletes at the entries Institute in Birmingham Alabama where I spent a fellowship year in sports medicine under.
James Andrews this is an injury to the ulnar collateral.

Ligament at the elbow otherwise known as the UCL and it’s the primary stabilizing ligament on the inner or medial aspect of the elbow some typical symptoms for this include loss of velocity feeling a fatigue or heaviness in the arm pain can be associated with this sometimes athletes will complain of some numbness and tingling that travels from their elbow down into their small and ring finger and that can indicate some difficulty or irritability with the.

Nerve itself so during surgery for Tommy John reconstruction it take a tendon that can serve as a donor from a different part of the athletes body and we then drill tunnels into the bone at two different spots that allow us to then pass the graft through the tunnel and then we can tie it securely to itself.

To provide the stability and the strength back to the elbow to decrease pain and allow the athlete to throw overhead again my name is Marshall krevske I’m an orthopedic surgeon at emerge ortho I specialize in hand and upper extremity surgery and reconstruction and also sports medicine in our scopic surgery of the shoulder elbow and knee.


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