So my name is Paige I am a pediatric orthopedic nurse practitioner so I’m actually a family nurse practitioner working in the specialty of Pediatrics tell us about a nurse practitioner like if once someone wants to become a nurse practitioner what does that require so that requires a master’s degree in nursing and so that that requires you to have.

A Bachelors of Nursing first there.

Are alternate routes but that’s the most traditional route is.

A Bachelor of Nursing you don’t have to work as a nurse first before entering the master’s program.

But most people do work at least a couple of years I worked about two years in between and then there are different tracks that you can choose when applying to a master’s program okay and what is a typical day look like for you so what.

My job here I mostly work in a clinic so it’s usually 8 2 4 8 to 5 and I usually work alongside a pediatric orthopedic surgeon run Clinic but I do have days where.
I see patients independently on my own and I see.

Any number of conditions with kids.

With problems ranging from fractures to congenital deformities.

And things like that okay and a lot of people are asked the question of NP versus PA versus.

MD what made you choose the NP routes and your thoughts on you like going versus MD versus NP what are.

You going to adults well to be honest I’ll clarify the difference between a nurse practitioner and PA it’s pretty.

Minimal at this point I went with a nurse practitioner because I already had my bachelor’s.

In nursing and but you end up with pretty much the same role as a PA just a little bit different route in terms of the nurse practitioner versus Indy it’s less school there’s way more flexibility in terms of how you get to.

The end result of becoming a nurse practitioner so there’s a lot of ways a lot of different paths you can take and then in terms of your job you have a lot more flexibility there obviously you don’t get.

Paid as much but you have a little bit less responsibility and you have the flexibility to be able to choose one field and working it for a couple of years and then decide you don’t like it and choose a different field and and in terms of pay what can one expect.

To make like run out of right outside of your your training or a.

Nurse practitioner so it depends on the type of practice that you go into so on if you look up the average salary for like a pediatric nurse practitioner it’s like eighty five thousand dollars a year whereas when you get into.

Some of the surgical specialties and I know emergency respective shooters make a lot more they make more like upwards of a thousand dollars a year.

That are interested in a field such as to become a nurse practitioner or nursing field and you know so I think nursing is a great option for anyone looking for job security and also flexibility and it’s great for people that like to work with a team and for people that want a lot of responsibility but again kind of work collaboratively with to members also thank you so much.


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