Now I just like to draw attention to and oh oh my flatmates watching hi I go someone I’m not well I’m I’m guess it is the outside I hope you feel better yeah I mean I’m not that I should be fine the other day I imagine good it’s good to know good kid how are you today my day.

Speed full of hospitals and things but I found.

The surgeon that I love so I’m very happy and I’ve got a plan.

Game plans good so yeah it’s uh things are happening you.

Can see all my lovely books um things are happening which is good so moving forward which is exciting and busy with work and I’m kind of surprised that it’s already the middle of October I’m not sure how it happened but it’s all that so give a little background into who you are and what you do yeah sure so I’m Carl and.

Nutritional scientist I originally went to medical school to become an oncologist and my mother had breast cancer when I was doing my BSC my intercalated BSE and I realized that being an oncologist was not.

A good job for me so that’s my started looking into nutrition and lifestyle particularly cancer and.

Then I decided to do a master’s in nutritional medicine and I’m a nutritional scientists that’s halfway between a I guess a clinical nutritionist and also a nutritional therapist I have both come aspects to my work I do a lot of writing and consulting for food and health grounds I do see patients as well and I’ve literally just finished the functional medicine course now I’m a certified functional medicine.

Practitioner which is very exciting I think it’s gonna be the future of Medicine where they are looking at what is the root cause of disease and how do we treat.

That and go upstream rather than just treating the symptoms which is what we currently do in our medical system and.

We’re very very light on pharmaceuticals when a lot of things actually can be changed from what we eat our lifestyle sleep exercise and.

That kind of brings us really reactive to today really yes exactly and I think that we as human beings evolved so much so quickly well our lifestyles have evolved so much so quickly but our bodies haven’t and I.

Think that’s what we have to remind ourselves that whilst the world something it even if you think about hundred.

Years ago if our grandparents and they bought it the world is unrecognizable the food that we eat all these gadgets.

The fact that we’re videoing on a phone they would never understand that and that we don’t walk and there’s hardly any manual labor anymore so the world has.

Changed a lot yeah and I guess evolution as such hasn’t caught up with that we just can’t because evolution happens over tens of thousands of.

Years and the change that happened really if the Industrial Revolution of anything about 200 years so yeah the grand.

Scheme of things absolutely nothing so one thing that stuck out to me on your blog and one thing I think is gonna.

Really interesting everyone is what I just posted hey I guess like tips or but you will have seen it and I’m sure this is probably your.

Biggest I don’t know irritation on its net is these people that you know maybe suggest that cancer can be cured by getting on a.


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