Aside from weight loss other benefits that you’ll expect from surgery are going to be things like increased energy increased mobility decreased risk of other health concerns as well as you know diabetes might go away some of your medications may decrease you find that overall your health is going to improve and your quality of life most importantly after surgery.

You’re eating and drinking will change.

A little bit afterwards you’re going to be eating much smaller portions we’re going to.
Meals we’re going to make sure that we have a plan if.

We don’t go through our day with with a plan of what meals we’re going to eat what foods we’re going to eat and we make sure we pack those and bring those with us another important piece is that we’re always going to eat protein with every single meal including our snacks and we want to make sure the protein water our main focus on our.
Days oh yes you absolutely still need.

To exercise exercise is going to be a lifelong habit it’s going to help you not only lose the weight but it is going to be one of the most important factors in.

Maintaining your weight loss we want to make sure that we not only burn body fat but we also want to build muscle we don’t want to lose any as we’re losing weight here at honor health we have a very strong support system set.

Not only after surgery will you have post-operative education classes you will have regular visits one-on-one with your.

Medical provider dietitian and exercise specialist you will meet with those providers every year for the rest of your life we also have in-person.

Support groups that are run twice a month every month all year long we also have an online support group that is available 24/7 for all of our patients to go on to whenever they want for extra support reach out to other patients for questions and answers as well as our providers are always on there helping answer questions we are always available our whole office including our physicians we’re available by email and by telephone 24/7 and we will try.

To get back to you as soon as.

We possibly can and answer any questions along the way..


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