Presentation that I’m giving today is part of a larger plastics project that NC CH is undertaken and origins of the plastics project overall came from a series of inquiries from the field over the past year we received questions from health authorities regarding the safety of food coming into contact with plastic items particularly in food service establishments for example.
The use of plastic film to cover trays.

Of hot food before serving and then in addition there are increasing concerns about plastics on the part of many stakeholders some within the private the public health community and some in professional practices that interact with the environmental health of the health community so for.

Example solid waste management water treatment we’ll talk about a few of these a little bit later in the presentation and then the second driver behind the plastics project was came from scientific evidence and research on micro plastics which has emerged as an issue of concern initially for environmental within within focusing on environment but increasingly there have been expressions of concern about health and so we decided to investigate those as well the so.

Today’s talk is really going to focus on the area in which we’ve made.

The most progress and that is plastic food contact articles and just.

For a quick overview today I will be.

Talking about what we know about chemical hazards and risks of food contamination chemical food contamination an assessment of policy and regulation policy regulation and practice related to plastic food contact articles an assessment of gaps and then looking forward towards developing better capacity for guiding practice I will speak very very briefly just to give.

An introduction to what we have been doing and what we are planning to do within microplastics but that will be very very brief and at.

The end of the discussion so just for a little bit of further overview I will start with a background on plastic food-contact articles I may also refer to these.

As P FCA’s we will look at the state of knowledge with a focus on hazards exposures and health outcomes.

And then we will examine this how P FCA has emerged as an area of concern for practice looking specifically.

At what’s happening currently gaps and challenges and then an attempt to prioritize actions so just to give you a bit of an introduction many of you are probably familiar with the terms who contact materials and plastic food contact materials food comes potentially in contact with a variety of materials at all stages of production and plastics are just one of these others.

Include paper colorants metals adhesives they’re all depicted in this.

Cartoon on the right hand side of the slide there are lots of other materials too silicon plastics rubbers aluminum cork and excuse me a range of other what we.

Call in quotes intelligent and multi material items how electively these are known as food contact materials it’s not much of a stretch to understand the plastic food contact materials are those food contact materials that may come into contact with food now within that plastics group there are old word excuse me there are over.


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