Blind my name is David Scher in case you don’t know me and I’m the administrative director here at Montgomery County Association for the blind before I introduce our wonderful speakers I just have a couple of things to say about today’s presentation for those of you who don’t know this presentation is being recorded and it will be available on.

The PA B SharePoint for the pap member agencies to view and show to other groups and community members in the area our presentation time will probably have about 50 minutes.

To an hour for the presentation our presenters will be presenting for 15 to 20 minutes and then we’re going to open it up to questions so if everybody can please mute their microphones for the first 20 minutes of the presentation and then we’ll open it up to questions and answers okay so I’m going to introduce our speakers I’m going to start with Greg Munich hears over.

There so I don’t know everyone and Lynn may believe they’re both from PMC pharmacy and they’re going.

To be talking about the script align program for the visually impaired.

On this particular product helps folks who are visually experiment with managing their medications and they have difficulties um each.

Of the agencies who were viewing this and others who aren’t here I’ve actually been.

Mailed out this product so they can try it hands-on real quick I just want to introduce Lynne we have a special relationship with.

Her she’s actually worked at the agency for nine years and she had 20 years of.

Experience working with the visually impaired and disabled community she has worked at the Center for Independent Living in Philadelphia and she’s currently working at Apple as a specialist and she also teaches a folks assistive technology and Greg over here he is the director of sales and marketing for.

PMC pharmacy and just a quick heads-up our agency has seen their presentation several times so we think it’s a great show and I also had to give a shout out to Mary Prager our case worker and she runs all our groups off the chain what’s the video so.

You can see her so she does a great job so I’m going to pass it off to our colleagues here in step morning everybody more than really really great to be here we’re really excited to present to you David thank you so much for getting this all set up and being such a gracious host for us today and special huge thanks to Elaine Welch Elaine is a huge supporter of what we do and she shares our vision in making this a.

Great option to keep in your toolkit when you are working with your clients this is something that hopefully will be as excited as we are that you many of you may have seen us about.
A year ago we did a presentation in Harrisburg.

With Elaine to the executive director of quarterly meeting some of you were on conference phone the technology wasn’t working on the phone too well so a lot of you didn’t hear us so we’re hoping today is so much better opportunity to see what.

We do and also we just wanted to let you know that as David said we sent out packages.

To all of you to give you a hands-on experience during this presentation.

If you did not receive your package please let us know and we will get one out to you immediately so I am going to for momentarily I’m going to pass over to Greg a little backup people in the traffic so if you want to sit down okay hi everyone who’s back tonight I can see me here my name’s Greg janae and I’m the Director of Sales and Marketing at PMC pharmacy we probably.

Met some of you throughout the last couple years at some of the conventions and some of the presentations we’ve done I thank you for inviting us in today to talk with you all as Lynn.

Mentioned what we did is we sent out to everyone a script ID box which you see here right in the front set up it came to you flat with tic tacs in the front there’s nothing exciting in there other than fresh breath.

So we sent that out to you the other day we sent a little flyer to go with it the talks on one side about script align and on the other side about the vision impaired program the VIP program we sent out a few testimonial letters they’re really the same thing.

One has pictures and one does not want is more for screen readers and the other one you know just has some nice pictures but before I start I would like to read these.

That we sent out we’ve gotten a lot of wonderful feedback from from some of our customers and some of these folks that you all might know so I’d like to read a couple of these if you don’t mind and then we’ll get started this one is from Karen rocky and we met her at the PCB convention PCB rather about a year and a half two years ago I believe she says.

I’m just going to read excerpts from it but people may have heard about PFC pharmacy script on VIP programs but may not know how wonderful it really is I truly feel that more people should be using this way of taking medications because nothing will be left out and then she goes on to say at the end I plan to advocate in Western PA for PMC pharmacy and how script aligned VIP works I’m telling you it is marvelous and I want people to know but that makes.

Us feel really good and I’ll tell you and this.

One comes from an urban sweetie who we met at the Beehive alley Center for Independent Living scripted on VIP is an excellent program for the visually impaired it keeps you on track as part of your tiny doses during the day it’s a lot easier for me to travel with I know which boxes are which because of the Braille labels so that’s just a couple will do it we’ll talk to a few more customers along the way here but what I wanted to just talk.
To you a little bit about so as I said.

My name’s Greg you know I’m from PMC pharmacy and we have been in chronic pain management for many years probably 12 years at this point about three years ago we decided that there’s a lot of folks out there that we’re not helping if they’re.

Just talking about chronic pain management so we decided to start working with hoping this up to all patients anyone who is on any medication whatsoever and we’ve had a tremendous response to this we’re not an open door pharmacy we’re not one of the the players like the CVS or rite-aid where people walk in.

And they hand you the prescription.

People come in they become patients we get to.


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