Hi everyone welcome to the equity research life project training module in this module we’ll be trained on how to carry on equity research in a step-by-step manner and then you will have the proficiency required to work on industrial level life projects let me explain how this and that thing is going to work we have divided the training module.

Into three parts a macroeconomics B sectoral studies and C company level financials now as and when you clear one section of the lessons there will be a test okay and when.

You clear the test you will be eligible for that like project as simple as that so if you clear the macro test you can give be a part of the macro atomic pledge project if you clear the sectoral mud who can be a part of the sectoral life projects straight and simple so throughout the year we’ll be having several all these three different.

Types of life projects taking place and in the life projects we will be interacting you will be interacting with our research team very closely and you will be carrying out the research also there will be life sessions in which you will.

Be trained for the specific aspects and you can interact with our team for the live sessions as well now how.

How many live projects can you do you are eligible for two live projects if you clear any of the tests okay and if you are.

Good at those life projects then definitely we can work on projects right and what about the certificates so if you clear the training if you clear all the three parts of the equity research training you will get a certificate of training right of being trained in the equity research project.

Module and for every live project that you satisfactorily complete so by satisfactorily I mean that you should complete all the k-ras that are there of that project you will receive a life for next certificate so this is a very good chance for you to become a hands-on expert on equity research we.
Are very quick to have you on board with us and see you in the module..


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