Accessible information is important for a number of factors.

A, if you have sort of sensory loss or language requirements, just so you can understand what’s happening, or what is going to happen, and you can be involved in that in that sort of care pathway. Secondly, and for me more importantly, accessible information is key if we are to get.

Communities involved in leading change, positive change around health and well-being and social care. In engaging with the community for example, if you are doing some consultation, you need to ensure that the information that you provide is fully accessible.

Otherwise, they’re not going to be.

So, the most important thing you can do, is to ask people for details on how they would like to receive information and what their preferred format would be.
By making those little changes, making the text.

Bigger or having it in the preferred format for that person.

It just makes you feel like you are included in society.

I know that sounds dramatic, but you take those little everyday things for granted. I think my mother was there helping me go through my post, because it was all in print. She looked at me and went ‘Dan you’ve got a summons to court, you need to do something. They were summoning me to court because I hadn’t paid my council tax bill. It was easily remedied, I just had to call them up and explain my circumstances and set the payment up properly. As soon as I’d explained things to them, they removed the court summons but that. Our advice would be to ensure you information which is simple and accessible for all, and also to ask people how they would like to receive information and what’s the best format for them. And the most important thing too is to ask everyone what they need, and we also have a transcribing service here at RNIB Cymru, so contact.

Us to ask for more information. You feel that you’ve got the same rights as everybody else to keep your personal data or information from hospitals private for yourself. That’s why I really encourage people just to take that little time, that simple question to ask somebody what is their preferred format? and the difference that can make to someone’s day to day life.


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