Good afternoon legacy scholars as you may know October is bullying awareness and Prevention Month and here at legacy college prep we want to make sure to address this very important topic with you before we get started my name is Miss Denise tamal and I am one of your counselors and my role is to support you in your wellness.

The following presentation will help you learn why anti-bullying efforts are so important important will answer the questions what is bullying how do bullies impact students why.

Do people bully others what are the different types of bullying and what can we do about it note that our legacy college prep values are in direct opposition to.

Bullying and learning about how to prevent bullying will help us promote our legacy values together through our words and our deeds our values our hope compassion collective impact growth and reflection the definition of bullying is the use of strength or influence to intimidate others or to force them to.

Act against their will bullying creates feelings of fear and lower self.

Esteem and the person who is bullied bullying is also unwanted and repeated students are impacted deeply one out of four students will be bullied this year in the United States as we mentioned before bullying can result in lower self esteem lower self confidence increased fear and.

Anxiety depression low grades and for a few bullying may result in suicidal thoughts and behaviors and many students are scared to go to school why do people bully in order to and the nature of bullying we must learn that people who bully may have low self-esteem and need to appear strong in front of others they might also lack adult role models who show them how to deal with anger.

And sadness in an effective and healthy way they may be dealing with stressors in their lives or other feelings that lead to the desire to control situations and people but the people who are bullied are not the only ones impacted bullies are impacted to bully beat bullying behavior put students who bully at a greater risk of violating laws later in life some of these laws are stalking groping workplace bullying domestic violence and even hate crimes let’s go through the types of bullying physical bullying.

Might be what people think of first when.

They hear the word bullying and this is pushing shoving hitting kicking and other types of physical bullying verbal bullying is also easily recognizable and unfortunately all too common some examples are teasing name-calling threats intimidation how do we distinguish joking from bullying sometimes it.

Can be hard to distinguish between these two but we need to understand the power behind our jokes and recognize that even though we might be joking around others might perceive it differently victims of this type of bullying often say that someone is joking because it hurts them and they don’t want to be left out.

Notice this when you’re joking with someone there’s also emotional bullying an emotional bullying can leave deep psychological scars the purpose of it is to hurt someone and is.
Often done by a group think.

Of Mean Girls or 13 reasons why examples are someone being left out on purpose spreading rumors or humiliating someone in like we have a trigger warning for the next slides because these are extreme examples of bullying if you need support please sign up on the signup sheet.

To see me here’s an extreme example of physical bullying sexual abuse sexual abuse or inappropriate touching of body parts are unwelcome physical contact is bullying many people don’t recognize it as that also using words that demean someone’s gender or sexual orientation is bullying in addition to posting inappropriate photos online let’s review cyber bullying with this video one thing I think you people are sick that’s just killing yourselves just miserable existence you are the weirdest inkhead in school you.
Know what all of you Muslims need to go back to the helpful is your friend.

You believe this and terrorist what did you say you read what I said it’s just like you should get over themselves yourself too homosexuality is a disease we’re saving humanity by killing itself this woman is dangerous all Muslims.

Are terrorists yeah okay cyber bullying is the use of technology to intimidate others sending aggressive text posting videos stories photos intended to have a negative effect on others and spreading rumors this video showed how cyber bullying can be just as bad or worse than bullying in everyday life think about your behavior online and things you can do to make sure that you’re avoiding cyber bullying and also recognize that your connection to the people you care about.

Can help you and can help them overcome boleyn don’t be a bystander be an upstander bystanders are some are people who see bullying occur and do nothing and this reinforces bullying behavior but upstanders stand up and stop bullying when they see it occurring how can you stop bullying on the spot stay calm.

Keep your voice at a normal pitch state that the bullying behavior is not okay and that it needs to end if necessary get an adult to help make sure everyone is safe offer support ask the person being targeted what do you need from me and inform them that they are not alone focus on the specific bullying behaviors rather than the personality’s reputation or discipline history of the person bullying remember that drawing.

Boundaries does not mean that you have to engage in aggressive behavior toward the bully here are some examples of how to de-escalate bullying situations maintain control of yourself in.

Your emotions do stay calm don’t be defensive communicate effectively non-verbally allow extra physical space between you and the aggressor don’t turn your back stay calm in the discussion trust your instincts empathize with.

Feelings but not with the behavior of the bully but don’t yell scream argue or analyze now it’s time to think pair share here’s an opportunity for discussion what examples in literature movies television etc are there or can you think.

Of that demonstrate the impact of bullying one example is Mean Girls you can pause the video now and share now that you’re done sharing and discussing let’s move on to the next question with the tools we’ve shared today how would you address bullying.

On campus you can pause the video now to discuss this with your partner now that you’ve had some time to share and reflect I’ll introduce the operative ities for the week today you had your presentation and advisory and.

After this you will sign an anti-bullying pledge and Friday we’re gonna share some uplifting music with you during lunchtime and on Monday we’ll have our first meeting for the stronger together club in this club we hope to train.

A group of students who will help to encourage students to support each other and spread awareness of topics like anti bullying the room will be announced tomorrow thank you for your attention.


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