Hey guys and welcome back to my video channel or whatever the fuck you call it no summer bitch hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel it has been month for weeks but who actually gives a shit so today I am gonna be doing a shit mother fucker today guys we will be doing plastic surgery for two.

Pounds or three dollars in America or two and a half euros oh three three mega bombs for middle Easterns but let’s get.

Right into the shower so first you want to get your marker pen and you want to do some lines here and get us like physically at the most I do want my dick transplanted onto my.

Head so when it dangles down I can suck on it so now we got that done fucker right now that we’ve got it so now that we got that sorted we’re gonna go on to the sellotape which oh my god I hate this see this is why women’s right shouldn’t have been the thing because women polygamous for us you know a lot easier.

Man I’ve only been doing this for 90 years since then we haven’t done fuck all these mouths I can’t fucking rip this thing at all like.

You simply just wanna just Christ how much too low come on hold on there we go right you raise your eyebrow like this if.

You can no it does not work it’s all sticky at all oh this is not working at all this is shit what can I do all right you have to put your head if you’re all the Keynesian hooker this is perfectly great if you want to go outside.

I’m a click an Asian cuz you mind that you’re not Asian like you mad at you and whatnot so Jen therefore one of the fuck the reason is but you’re gonna.

Have to hold it back every time and you have to select it you’re gonna have to sound like this you talk an hour for my family night so I yeah but I don’t want to look like an agent.

So I’m just gonna take this off and I look like a European that’s not smart if you are Asian you can get this you can get that offer for you so I sit and.

Well is this nail varnish I think yes damn it well what can I do it now a varnish with it further down cos strong shit oh oh you have to make some policemen’s around the eye mouth not that your fuckin eyes fucking idiot only piece of shit I don’t care if YouTube fucking ticks down this video cuz imma fuckin swear then leave 24 fucking 7 released offensive jokes but my channel so lotta fuckin notice is bullshit so Allah is also an option and now I sound like a it sound like.

A posh kid who has had a stroke this is completely natural I’m not even joking what the fuck is this shit so I was gonna show you the dick on my forehead now to get it transplanted but you know how that’s gonna hurt and graphic so I know fuck that shit fucking spastic twat I was gonna try and beat the.

Eyebrows but that’s not gonna work I’ll try again I’ll try again fucking no bitch I could get one lifted but you know all this cost about 2 pounds I always look curious now which is great but it’s because the video is kind of boring fuck this is videos not being very impressive I might not finish the video by drinking.

Some cider vinegar is this even safe to drink from raw okay oh my god allows fucking disgust in here.


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