Have you ever heard of hipsters those beanie wearing vinyl purchasing Starbucks drinking yuppies who get that smug grin on their face when they liked something before it was cool as much as we hate to admit it they may be onto something and not just the best indie alternative track this week I mean something that’s been proven by science.

You see without actually being an innovator the young flannel clad twenty-something gentleman sipping on.

His kombucha foo-foo latte whilst using his Google glass to watch the newest season of stranger things is actually fueling innovation he’s what we would call an early adopter that term seemed self-explanatory but let’s contextualise the person I just described is actually on a curve the diffusion of innovation curve as coined by communication theorist and sociologist evarin em Roger the diffusion.

Of innovation curve is broken up into five chunks the smallest two percent here are the innovators these are the people who create the innovation make the new ideas and introduce it into the world the next group of early adopters where are you pea friend is makes up about.

13% of the curve and these are the people who put their faith in the new innovation despite there being little information.

Or testing surrounding it and while history ardi complex is high the yuppies are not in the sweet.

The early majority is that sweet spot the best part of this 34% chunk of the curve is great because you still get the self-satisfaction of liking something before it was kind of cool but.

At this point there’s also been testing reworks patches and you’re getting the near-perfect version of the item the innovators originally put out people are joining at this point because they’re picking up on something becoming important to the majority quickly and they.

Want to be able to stick with it the next 34% the late adaptors are not so easily persuaded but do it eventually through either some convincing or reluctant acceptance think you’re cool grandpa who finally has a smartphone phone and now he plays candy crush on it all day you know the final group on.

The curve are the laggards they are the final 16 percent of the curve who do not want to budge they are either doing everything in their power not to adopt or they are very very unhappily dealing with the new advent of think.
You’re not so cool grandpa who still has.

A flip phone these five steps are an interesting way to look at how we adopt adopt technologies however there is one part the chasm that can stop all of this from even happening for a new innovation if an innovator creates something but.

Cannot get it to the group of early adopters to help push it out into the world it will never be more than a curiosity years down the road so there you have it the innovation diffusion curve maybe before you knock Johnny hipster for being smug about the latest thing.
Consider seeing what it’s all about.

You may just become a part of something big.



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