Hello everyone we’re going to get started so my name is Diana and meglio new and I’m a professor at Monash University now and that the coordinator of the Masters of Public Health in addition to that I am a researcher and epidemiologist for Bay colleges work co-located at span campus as the Monash Medical School so I have two hats.

I’ve also taught epidemiology in.

Master’s try something like 13 years which puts me in good speed to sort of give.

Talk and understand the whole masters in terms of um life as a scientist or life as.

A researcher or life working and public up on my right I have a next student Deborah who will know way to you and she will be available to ask questions that give you some insight about the course and life after the fall.

So let’s get started I’d like you all to raise your hands if you can hear.

Me please okay that’s great house cups in some hands if you want to ask questions feel free via the.

Q&A a dialog box and we might answer them at the end of the lecture if they’re really.

Complex about certain subjects and certain points I might prefer those to later depending on what their what is off okay so someone else master of Public Health has run out of Monash Medical Marsh school of population health and preventive medicine we are located at.

The Alfred hospital on Commercial Road in parens so we’re one of.

The largest public health schools.

In Australia and I would say we’re the best published article will also be oldest we have a hundred and twenty thousand staff two thousand undergraduate shop and and the regular students lots of postgraduate students including masters and PhDs we’ve published very well from that apartment and we get lots.

Of money in funding mainly from the National NHMRC National Health and Medical Research Council where there is in several areas one of those is the clinical registries and were also leaders in major trials having done the largest NIH funded trial in Australia which came out of our department and that.
Was called the spring and it just reported out last.

Year we’re also a leader in occupational health and safety and it was any kind of issue in terms of national power for people dying up in a building in Melbourne or people dying.

And the fires is other type of it gets called to do the research so as I mentioned we’re located on commercial rope around and we’re famous between the hospital and the baking Institute which is where my other work is the.

Burner Institute so they’re really nice like to do to is coming studied lots of research gets done here lots of clinical science and it’s a really dynamic place to do science so what is public health public health is.

Understanding the health of populations and moderating their health by governments and other health systems and it encompasses population practice and policy and a little bit of clinical measurement and so at the department we do health policy we run some clinical trials having run the biggest in in.

Australia to date of 14 or 18 thousand people we do lots of population studies we did a good bit of work and global health health promotion we have a very strong Caribbean occupational and environment health.


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