Monitoring run by Malcolm Finn we have a growing Health Service Management Department we’re running a few subjects and clinical change in Cris climate.

Change in health and we have several large clinical registries and Phi of X so we encompass all the relevant parts of Public Health so there are many ways to study in our department and we have a really nice.

Unit kitchen style because we are located at the hospital and like the big research press in November it masters and RPGs are taught by world-class academics and clinicians so these are people who have PhD medical degrees and they still work.

The experience is really relevant so you can immerse yourself in a cutting-edge environment I workout courses programs cater for busy professionals and we’re really flexible to meet the professional interests of study life balance we know that you have families we know that you have other commitments it’s a really collegial place and if there’s a cure done your masters and you’re going to do some research this is certainly it’s that place.

To be so this is what we offer we offer Martha’s been public health one in health services management forensic.

Science clinical measurement clinical research methods by aspects and occupational and environmental health and a few of those you can graduate a bit earlier about in life for one year there’s that there’s smaller components rather than doing the entire.

Master’s okay so this is for the master of Public Health so we.

Have a multimodal system so we have three ways of three entry points of getting to the Masters of Public Health so if you’re straight any university.

You get off at the 96th point in masters which is about 16 sub 16 subjects and you don’t have to have any experience or any honours keep it in you don’t even have to have a science undergrad you could do stand-up undergrad or politics undergrad but if you have done a science on.

The ground you have done on earth and you have maybe you’ve got some experience in the real world in science or something that I would deem is public health related you can get in by the seventy two point masters which is a Miss subjects so I’ve been a bit shorter and if you’re a medical doctor and you have have enrolled in your pal wire training you only have to do 48 points.

Which is more less subjects again and it takes you less time so we enroll everyone in the 96 and then I adjust that down to the next level masters and putting on your experience so what.

We’ll teach you so more teach you how to think broadly about health and I’m not talking about cells in a muck and microscopes and test tubes I’m talking about health of people and populations so we’ll teach you how to analyze and interpret health data we’ll teach you how to.

Read a paper we’ll teach out how to understand the news on science and you understand the errors that they make them in the news when they talk about science report will teach you about study design will teach you how to apply Public Health knowledge to improve health of others in the communities we’ve got some new.


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