To be able to study alongside fellow students some who already have very distinguished careers so there’s a great deal that you can learn from your fellow students and through that bonding experience and the lecturers were all absolutely incredible and we really have.

To benefit also appearing from expertise from outside of Monash.

University who would come to speak to us about their fields so it was an incredible experience it does open up your mind to becoming more engaged I think in what’s happening in our community particularly around healthcare and how that connects with other issues in our society such as inequality and all those.

Sorts of things but it gives you a really good grounding in the nuts and bolts of what you need to know to take forward to change things in society in healthcare for the better of our populations so and in terms of how I’ve used the degree so far I’m still in the same role that I was before I started the masters and still.

Loving that but I’ve been fortunate enough to secure a recessional teaching position in my University and have also put.

Forward my first submission for a research proposal which I’ll be presenting at a.

Conference in November so there’s signs of many awareness is taking me forward but the world is your oyster with this degree so and yet embrace it thanks April I just want to add that I’ve also done the masters and I did it after my PhD and I really loved it only it up after doing it best PC to understand health in.

The real Broadway what’s really interesting I loved every single subject I did and I loved it for demonologist and in fact therefore may become an epidemiologist so.

Let’s answer the questions okay so the first question we have is what level of math competency do you need and for the biostat subjects rejig need a background in it.

So a good question so I did first year university back at Melbourne so that was called 101 and I did pure and applied VCE and I was okay with the maps my colleague haven’t.

Done used university maps and she was less okay but she’s still got a distinction so he I.

Would certainly suggest you have children applied at high school that would be method and specialist but they do is give you a little tiny um not a kiss but they give you a little handout before you enroll and say can you do this and if you can’t you’ll be fine and if you can’t you can.

Still do it but you’re going.

To have to put into mouth and I mean ten out over ten hours a week but once you’ve done that the math Peters off after that first couple of subjects and I’m not.

Sure whether you can answer this one but someone who has a master’s of nursing science in two years in the workplace would they be eligible for the seventy two point masters yes oh great that was a nice quick answer assuming they’re unaware really Nealon but I wouldn’t do it okay yes so.

From another one what is the approximate face-to-face time for the multimodal mph and our lessons here at the option so it currently we had three subjects which are face to face you can do it all online if you.

Want and there’s block days for the online subjects about to block days compulsory per subject now for easy steps and research method and one other subject we’re going to make that face back next year.

As well is about two hours a week face to face okay but you don’t have to do the factor base versions of both subjects.

Because they’re running in two modes face to face and online so you.

Should do the online versions becomes the block though if you do the face.

To face versions become two hours every week mainly on a Thursday I believe but for the worldís you does that answer that question hmm I’m not sure if you know I’m not quite sure what this person is actually but I think they want to know the requirements for the massive health service management if you come from a non related disciplines I’m.

Presuming person on health background is there a different requirement yeah I don’t select for that market story so to answer that I can’t really answer it only selects for a must and public health yeah another question is can you work full-time and do this program what well okay so I work.

Full-time and did this program and I’d be two subjects on the floor my class time and that was low on runes but afternoon and I’ve got that time off work which I worked and what I showed was easy so I think you can do it but you’re going to find the time the weekend to do the.

Work I will after after work and.

There are assessments online assessment every sort of second week where you have to do critical reflection or discussing online so you have to make that time so even if you’re doing online completely online.

You have to make that time prepare that there’s another question here someone who has extensive work work experience in the non-for-profit industry can you get any credit for work experience in lieu of some of the subjects in the MPs and sorry Anton massive public health and how does.

It work so that’s an option at all you won’t get credit per se depends of what you’ve done but probably you’re getting through the 32 masses put masses rather than get credit if you teacher perhaps you’ll get credit.

For the statistics subjects but I can’t think of another example where you would get.

But you’d have to apply and we have to take it on a case-by-case basis okay and as some of the forensic subjects available as electives for the Masters of Public Health if anything’s open I cannot prove anything.

I need to approve as long as the oven clash and the points might you know work okay so if you can fit it into your life and you’re done your call subject I don’t see why not okay just for the research project can this be a qualitative research yes it can be although I’m supervising them at the moment I’m not a qualitative researcher but I will find someone.

To provide a qualitative project for you okay yes you can do that not sure I don’t have any more questions popping up but if anyone has any I am got half a question I do not have a bachelor degree but extensive work experience okay No okay so perhaps so we have had a couple of cases where people didn’t have.

Degree and they still got into their masters and we were but one student like that.

Now and apparently Deborah was also like that yes I work i.


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