Well i trained as a nurse through the hospital system and what tally how long ago and we’ve basically accepted on the basis of my years of experience and.

Other certificates that I’ve done collected along the way mmm so that’s possible but we do set fit some threshold for that and we again will we’ll deal with it on a case-by-case basis is there a certain GPA requirement or where for the master yes 60 perfect that’s a minimum yes and are there any subjects related to the aging population in the masters of Public Health there’s no.

Topic with the word agent in it but we do obviously we deal with questions either vast array of subjects and that gives with aging but we’re always designing new subject to meet the market and I think we’re on track to designer subject similar to that some something about aging a graduate from The Bachelor of biomedical science would they be eligible for any credit boba get into the 32 quite masses and you know.

With that kind of degree you’ll find that mark is pretty easy great um no more questions on the screen that I have including source to toe so unless.

There’s anything else some other mention one more thing we’re developing a internship subject where you go and do a practicum somewhere for three.

Months either at like a farmer company or to time the power for where I work at Baker and so those you want to get real life.

Experience that could be a subject and there’ll be some kind of critical reflection as an assessment.

Haven’t finalized the details assessment so and if you’re really good in those.

Placements you often get offered time jobs and things like that so we’ve got a question of course I cover more of coming and are there any calmer supportive places available I think they’re gone mmm I’ll ask the post office but I’m pretty sure they’ve gone mmm okay are there any opportunities for study abroad programs.

Or to undertake any of your study overseas in the Master of Public Health so you do that and we’ve got one less doing that but it’s certainly a bit expensive way to do that um and the legwork to do that it’s hard but I want to be advising that but we could look into that.

If that’s what you really want to do.

It’s going to be at a priest University where I can I can understand the standard so the.

Good universe thing that stays for the UK which is equivalent to Monash need to be probably a top 100 University we do have a question about fade help and but we might answer that offline most students are eligible for felt facing up.

Yes and though that gives them that opportunity to not have to pay up front but pay up front be good if you can’t fill issue no no unfortunately and so I think it’s really important about where you do that I know you can do it in Minitab in Australia now.

The off of a school with a best masters so having a Monash math and public health with ice cream people’s jobs we kind of work with me at Monash or at.

Baker I certainly look at where they’ve.

Got the Masters of Public Health from and I look at how good tap widgets’ Cory’s temperature.


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