Hi viewers this is nutrition Sushma’s as well currently I’m practicing in ACS layout Kundun Holley in Bangalore it depends where you are eating the food you have to make sure that the food is cooked in a clean environment for example if you are eating out so you have to be very careful it from the appearance of the place.

And also how the food is prepared you know that you can check you know of if you buy ready-made foods you know packaged foods then.

Have some labels those are cleanliness standards and.

Also if you are cooking the food at home then you have to make sure that you follow the kitchen hygiene which is very important you have to.

Wash the hands you have to wash the vegetables and foods thoroughly and make sure that.

The cooking surface is clean there should be no contamination like you know for example if you are dealing with raw meat the same surface cannot be used for vegetables because the raw meat has more.

Bacteria virus parasites etc which contaminate the vegetables very soon and make sure that you don’t eat raw meat at all raw eggs as well because.

In eggs you know even before the shell is formed there is some contamination and there.

Are the factors like they pollute or contaminate the food like viruses parasite and some toxins some chemicals some other preservatives and all that so you make sure that you are eating clean field yeah and you can avoid food borne diseases as well as food poisoning so for food poisoning also you have to see that you don’t eat stale food because if the food is kept for a longer time then some.

Bacteria might have developed and it may cause harm so just.

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