The question how do you ease off asthma when an inhaler runs out in the pharmacy is closed are you having a full-blown attack head to the nearest ER or urgent care if one is open near you at this time are you just starting to have difficulty make a very high very strong cup of black caffeinated coffee sit up.

Straight do not recline or lie down drink it as hot as you can if you do not have coffee run to a convenience store and buy a.

Package of caffeine pills take one check the internet for a 24-hour pharmacy in your area they can be difficult to find depending where you are but they are out there if all you need is a refill just try to find an open pharmacy if you don’t have the refill but do have a 24-hour pharmacy phaedra primatene it’s unfortunate that these over-the-counter asthma nights are kept locked behind a pharmacy.

Counter but you cannot get them at least in the u.

from a regular store if you have tried these fixes and your breathing isn’t improving go to the ER or Urgent Care.


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