And now live from West Point elementary school it’s morning news good morning I’m Michael and I’m Liliana welcome to WPS morning news for October 25th 2018 today is a day for special classes don’t forget that quilting Crazy Eights crafting speech them debate and homework club it’s meets today happy birthday to Alicia and fourth grade happy happy birthday this.

Weekend to Elizabeth in second grade and Kaden and first this this is bullying prevention month and character counts week.

Please join us in the pledge and sending america the beautiful’ attention pledge I pledge allegiance to the flag of United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all Shanta face only with whimsy to shining sea please be seated citizenship means you just this is still character counts week we have been talking about the different traits.
Every day today we are going to talk.

Talk about carrying in citizenship when you’re tearing.

That means that people you know that youth that people know you think about others not just yourself for example when you sit by someone at lunch who needs a friend you are caring when you handle the school critters carefully you show you care citizenship means you are a part of our school if you see trash on the.

Floor it is our job to pick it.

Up when we use paper we recycle it for the good of all good citizens citizens work together we have a did.
You know from marine in 4G did.

You know that the largest pyramid of giza took approximately 100,000 workers 20 years to complete the.

Built for a pharaoh named counts Annabel and three three.

Jay wants us to know that her favorite animal neural has a tusk that’s actually a very long sharp tooth it can grow up to nine.

Feet she found her information in a book about whales and dolphins in the library that is amazingly long the tallest basketball player was only about seven and a half feet tall don’t forget to turn in your dizziness there.

Is no school for students tomorrow teachers will be learning to enjoy your long weekend that’s all the news for now remember to try.

Your best be caring respect and be responsible don’t forget westport equals success.


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