So today I’m going to be talking about you guessed it my boob job I’m mainly doing this because I get asked a lot of questions and I know before I got my boob job I was online looking for any tips advice anything I could find so I just want to make a video of my own telling you about.
Experience what I went through pretty much everything from the.

So this might be a long video but I promise I’m gonna try and put as much as like valuable information as I possibly can and you know hopefully hope those of you who are thinking of getting one or just you know curious about it but yes let’s just get into it so it kind of all starts when I’m in the 1415 age range so I had some you know.

An overweight child so that played a huge part in this overtime they you know they got pretty big but then there was.

A point where they kind of just started drinking and I started losing weight and pretty much all of that played into you know my decision to actually get this done so I would say pretty much started like 14 15 maybe into 16 I remember looking in the mirror and while all of this change was happening you know me losing weight I I just I never liked what I saw I’ve never had you know perky you know at one point they.

Were big but I’ve never had like perky nice boobs and I’d always thought you know if I could change anything about myself it’d be my boobs and I.

Hope one day and back then I didn’t think I would ever get it done but it was in my head like if I could I would like if I could get this fixed I would so you know I pretty much had like really saggy.

Boobs and my nipples were all the way down in here and one was over there and it was just a mess and I hated seeing that in the mirror and you know having to wear.

Padded bras all the time and sometimes double my bras for support it was just a mess so you know I did kind of just dealt with that all the way up until.

You know I decided that I didn’t want that anymore and I remember I was.

20 and I was thinking to myself okay like I I want to get this done you know I want to try and see if I can get this done because I don’t know people say you know you don’t need to change yourself you you need to be happy with what you have it’s like okay like and I.

See a lot of people here on YouTube say and I was happy with who I was before I’m gonna tell you first straight up I wasn’t I never was I didn’t like seeing that you know he took a huge toll on my self-esteem it’s something I feel like I wanted to fix for a freaking long time so I remember actually making the decision to say okay well let’s just go and find somebody talk see if I can even get the money to even do this and yeah so that’s kind of where.
It all started so basically the first thing.

I did was obviously I did a ton of research I searched any everything from like gosh I can’t like I searched everything I searched other.

People’s experiences I looked for refuting I looked at so many doctors I looked at their reviews their work everything and I finally pretty much nailed it down to two.

Doctors and I remember reading both of their you know profiles and all of this and they both had pretty good you know it.


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