Garber the new tennis coach with another edition of ask dr.

Darwin on the new dentist podcast show today on this show well every day on this show we bring you information for you as a new dentist right we bring you information whether you are have questions or concerns about applying to dental school your life.

As a dental student your life transitioning from dental school may be applying to a residency and then life just total life after residency so if you guys and you guys like the content that you’re getting or that you’re.

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Darwin speaks as I will be posting new videos on Monday Wednesdays and Fridays but it may start being every day we get we getting a lot of requests for a lot of new content also if you have questions or concerns about about anything thats related.

To dentistry as far as how to pick a dental school how to apply to residency what programs to apply to send me an email right here at new dentist coach at gmail.
com so today today is the day I’ve been.

Waiting to get these guys on for the last well there’s been some time but they’ve been been busy they’ve been real busy.

They’ve been in their first year of dental school and they’re gonna share with us of today about how they survived the first year dental school so Jordan with me today I have a student dr. Tyrell Friday better known as future DDS hey guys how you doing man I’m great man I’m glad to see these smiling.

Faces that you have that means dental school the first year wasn’t too bad and at least you’re smiling there that’s right every every step of.
The way you got to celebrate the victory so.

So guys tell us a little bit about yourself individually Tyler you want to go first yeah I’ll go first everybody like dr.

Dorian say my name is Tyler Graham I’m.

Originally from Atlanta Georgia I went to college at Howard University in Washington DC um after my student however we went to Chicago I was a fellow at oral health America um and then after that I actually went and got my masters from Barry University in Miami Florida and now at K Tufts.

University in Boston Massachusetts good morning my name is twirl froggy originally from Baltimore Maryland I did my undergrad at Morehouse College where I got my.

Degree in psychology then I did my masters at at very University with Tyler down in Miami Florida and now very Tufts University click on the school that’s awesome man that’s awesome so this first year I know it’s been a it’s been different you know you guys graduated from undergrad did some did some master’s work so you kind of had a transition from undergrad to to dental school with.

That master’s in between but I’m sure this this year was kind of full of a lot of challenges and just new experiences uh we’re collectively but before we kind of talk more about that I want to find out why did you guys pick dentistry why dentistry has a career path and as a profession so I think that you know at least I can speak for myself you know.

I’ve never had anybody my family’s be a dentist you know my only encounter with the dentist was what every.


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