One of Africa’s least secure and worst governed countries Somalia is unlikely placed for technology and innovation iris hab co-founder of Dhaka 90 wanted to change that by connecting investors with Somalia’s young innovators we use technology as a means to get an employment opportunity for the Somali youth who make up the 70% 75% of the total population of the.

Country and all of them they are surprisingly below the.

Failures are older iOS helped organize Somalia’s first-ever technology summit this month in the capital the government want is to change the view that sommeliers net safe for visitors or investor ease part of the commitments of the office of Prime Minister and the Prime Minister himself to this city and Somali as general.

Is to create an enabling environment that can attract investment from global investors and make Somalia the final destination for tourists and investors for a country in conflict Somalia’s digital market potential is striking as Mobile Money has nearly replaced.

Cash the World Bank says Somalia has one of the most active mobile money markets in the world with nearly three billion dollars in transactions per month Malka Malka eddie lu lulu lolly well using mobile money transfer has alleviated the burden of carrying huge cash in hand and that has made our life much easier you can simply buy something while using your phone wherever you are in the shops and stores but the threat of terrorism and Somalia spoi infrastructure.

Make attracting capital and supporting innovation a challenge the.

Price of electricity was like skyrocketing high the other one.

Is a security which makes the whole process of doing business very difficult in Somalia nonetheless some remain optimistic about Somalia’s technology potential but innovation will remain a challenge as long as government resources are stretched and struggling just to provide the basics of security and services mohammad sheikh north for VOA Neary’s Mogadishu.


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